Roos writes: Good food for the pregnancy!

A nice snot eitje on the Sunday morning? In the afternoon at lunch a roll of filet americain with onion (of course with onion). In the evening at the dinner a delicious tenderloin and of course weird? You can forget those delicious things when you are pregnant. And then I have not even mentioned all the good things. Just 'nice raw food' during pregnancy is no longer there. So, now that I'm not pregnant yet, I'm going to enjoy this again!

And I hope with me also the other ladies where the pregnancy is still waiting. Because ladies, let's be honest: there must be enjoyed between waiting, sexing, waiting, frustrating yourself and waiting.

Breakfast: from snot or poached to cooked too hard

I can really enjoy a boiled egg and especially of such an egg that is half hard, half soft. Or how about a deliciously poached egg? Okay, to be honest: I do not make it that often because they come to me a lot less well than they show on TV. Yet that is very tasty.

But yeah. When you are pregnant you can not eat raw egg and that is what snot egg or poached egg where the egg yolk comes so beautiful, also with.

You can also forget some tiramisu 's, and then also those mega goodies that they make in restaurants. Because yes ... you guessed it: raw egg. So now we have to do it with a hard boiled egg. Do you know those pre-cooked eggs from the supermarket that you can buy at Easter? Who are so hard-boiled that the egg yolk is rather 'green'? Yes, that is our future. Delicious.

Lunch: from sandwich with filet americain, carpaccio, raw ham to ... yes what?

Ordering a sandwich or making your lunch a little less appetizing. Almost all tasty meats can now be deleted from your menu. Day roll with filet americain. Day sandwich with carpaccio. But you can also write the less 'luxurious' variants on your stomach. Think of salami, raw ham, Parma ham and basically all other types of meat that contain 'ham'.

Now that I think about it, you can become better vegetarian during your pregnancy (if you are not already) that saves you a lot of thinking. But then again you have a chance of an iron deficit. You do not want that either. Difficult difficult. In any case, the red colored 'meat products friends' of the past are now the enemy and you have to switch to that boring chicken fillet, cheese (and of course 30+ not 48+) or cheese spread.

Raw food during pregnancy?

What can you do and what can not you eat when you are pregnant?

Drinks: from toast with smoked salmon and slices of serrano ham to fatty mayonnaise salads with dry chicken

What could be better than a delicious toast with smoked salmon, mackerel, eel or any other smoked fish? Almost nothing. But that is no longer allowed. Then just a toast with luxury French cheese? Uhm ... not if there is' au lait cru or 'made from raw milk' on the packaging.

Slice of sausage? No, that is not allowed. And also not that delicious serrano ham that your aunt from Spain has brought. To make matters worse, you must also leave the wine. 'Cozy drinks' get a pretty boring and unpleasant aftertaste. The only thing is to eat yourself full of nuts and chips, but then you have to be careful that you do not get too much salt inside. And besides that you have to do it with dirty salads with too much mayonnaise and dry chicken. Because you can not really trust a salad with fish.

Dinner: from buttermilk to shoe sole

One of those delicious Saturday nights dinner that my husband and I sometimes have is a dinner with tenderloin, baked potatoes and lettuce. A tradition that I have taken over from my parents: on Saturday we eat 'fancy'. The beef tenderloin is of course very awkward and since we pay 15 euros for 2 pieces, you can assume that they are deliciously tender. Almost no knife needed. Delicious.

But later on, that will be different. While my husband with the drool from his mouth cuts out his beautiful red piece of meat, I sit there with a piece of shoe sole. I am already looking forward to it now. And I meant that very sarcastically. I think the tenderloin is completely sold out every Saturday in those nine months. Hey, anyway ...

But do not nag. You are pregnant!

What I always think of when I try to swallow my green boiled egg, eat my umpteenth sandwich with chicken fillet, put my 80th nut (unsalted) in my mouth or try to cut my shoe into small pieces:

I AM PREGNANT! Because let me be very honest. I would now only eat shoe soles for 9 months, if that means I am pregnant and put a healthy child on the world.

But that is not yet the case. So I'm going to enjoy 'raw food' and everything that is half cooked, half baked or just very raw.
What are you going to miss during pregnancy?

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