Development baby 10 months old

The language development in a baby 10 months old continues to progress. Not only can he or she make you more clear (for example, wise people and 'those who say') he also understands more. This way your baby will understand that he can challenge you and he tries to test how far he can go. You read that correctly: the difficult task of raising is now really going to start! In this blog more about the development of a baby 10 months old.

In short, a 10 months old baby

  • Your baby is increasingly understanding the word 'no'.
  • The baby will crawl more and will also become faster.
  • Make sure your baby is trying to pull up on everything!
  • Real hairs appear on the head.

The development of a baby 10 months old

That sweet little miracle is of course still a sweetheart, but your baby is going to show more and more strokes. Fortunately, your baby understands the word 'no' better and he now understands when he is not allowed to. In addition, your baby will get a little less bottle-feeding or breastfeeding and more real meals. Is your house already 'pull-safe'? Check this carefully, because your baby will take every opportunity to get up!

  • Baby eat 10 months

    A 10-month-old baby receives only 2 bottle or breast feeding per day, and only 2. The foodstuffs are exchanged for real meals. For example a bread meal and a hot meal with vegetables. In between, you can give your baby some fruit and some extra vegetables.

    It is possible that your baby is more hungry. That's because a baby burns more energy 10 months old, especially if he or she can stand and walk. So keep listening to your child, if your child is hungry, give him a healthy snack or instead of 1 bread meal, you give 2 bread meals. In the meantime keep track of how much your child eats and also make sure that your child is indeed more active.

  • Understands the word 'no'

    Upbringing is starting to start more and more. Your baby can now also understand something more. If you say the word 'no' clearly, then the baby understands that he is doing something that is not allowed. That's a good thing, because your baby is going to test you and your partner more. That way, that little innocent person becomes more and more a little dragon. Stay consistent and do not yield too quickly to tears, because your baby can also cry big tears if something is not allowed.

  • More language development

    Gradually, the language development in your 10-month-old baby continues. Your baby can not say a word yet, but it does make more and more sounds. In addition to producing sound, your baby is also increasingly making gestures and pointing. These are super important developments because it requires a lot of cognitive skills to make something clear with words and gestures.

    If your baby really wants something, your little one will probably start pointing 'who, that, that!' Yes, yes: you still hear that word very often. If you find it interesting you can see if you can make the baby even more clear by learning sign language.

  • Baby of 10 months of toys

    Your baby loves to throw things. Cozy to build a tower together (or you build it) and have it changed by your child, is a very successful activity. At least for your child! What your child also finds interesting, is toys with buttons that he can press and make that sound.

  • Train and learn to walk

    Perhaps your baby has already begun to move up when he or she was nine months old. But it is also possible that your 10-month-old baby is only beginning to discover life more vertically. This means that your house must be 'acceleration-safe'. Your child will try to pull everything up so that he can stand. Your child will also gradually take the first steps.

    Try to stimulate your baby as much as possible by letting him or her walk towards you. For these first steps you can best leave your child on bare feet. Then your baby can find the balance faster than with socks or shoes.

  • Sleeping schedule baby 10 months old

    A baby 10 months old sleep less and less during the day. Instead your child will sleep longer in the evening and at night (if it is good). On average children from 10 months old sleep around 14 hours a day. They sleep from 9 to 10 in the evening for those 14 hours.

  • Baby 10 months crying

    It often happens that babies aged 10 months become crying. Why? There may be various reasons for this. Perhaps your baby is suffering from loneliness and separation anxiety. Your baby will burst into tears as soon as you disappear from view.
    At night your baby can wake up and panic because mom or dad are not there. If this happens then you should take a look, keep the room dark and do not take your baby out of bed. Check that the diaper is dry, pass a pat on the ball and leave again. Read more about loneliness and separation anxiety here.

    Your baby can also be more crying because he feels a little frustrated and angry. Your baby wants a lot, but still can not do everything. Think of getting up, walking or crawling fast. That is very annoying if you really want that one toy that is just a bit further away. Your child can respond to this by crying.

    Other reasons may be: more hungry, a jump, teething, a little sick (so also go to the doctor) or just want a lot of attention.

How are mom, dad or the parent?

If your baby is 10 months old, you are more and more older than just a caregiver. So the upbringing is really starting and that is going to be more difficult than you think at first.It is of course not easy to say to that sweet little miracle that something is not allowed or worse: to get angry. Yet it is very important that you indicate your limits. Be clear and consistent. If you say 'no', do not laugh at it, because then your baby thinks that it is allowed. Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication.

Consider for yourself what is allowed and what is not allowed and stay in this consistently. This is sometimes difficult, because your baby will get a lot of frills and often repeat something up to the sadness. Do not give up! No is no!


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Tip of the month with a baby 10 months old

Not only you have to indicate your limits, your partner too! To make it even more difficult, it is also very important that you are on the same line. It is not strange if you find out now that your partner sometimes sees something different from certain aspects of parenting than you do. Maybe your partner is a bit smoother, or you may find yourself less satisfied with saying 'no'.

It is really very important to talk about this together. Therefore, go out with the two of you and take the time to discuss the situation. Where do you draw the line? What have you been up to now? What do you find important in parenting and what is your child allowed to do or not?

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