Taking off your baby, that's how you do it!

All mothers should know about a romper. And if your children are already bigger, you would wish someone had told you this. The maternity assistant, the midwife or other mothers.
Did you know that if you have to change a diaper full of pooped nappies from a baby that is up to the neck under the shit, you can do this without getting your own hands dirty? Without making your baby even worse?
Have you never wondered why rompers look like this at the shoulders?

Taking off the bodysuit with an extreme dirty diaper

You smell it from afar, it's that time again. Your baby has pooped completely underneath. How are you going to tackle this again without making yourself or your baby dirty? Very carefully pull the dirty romper over the head of your baby. Again and again after such an extreme dirty diaper. Your baby is not cleaner and probably even in bath.

But after seeing the video below you see that it can also be different. That you have actually done it wrong at such a time extreme dirty diaper. And there is no one who told you this.
You wonder why you could not have imagined yourself with these rompers that you can buy anywhere. That's why they're made that way and they look like that.
Well, I will not keep you in suspense any longer and see for yourself.

The secret is in the shoulders

Does your man have more of this kind of skills (need) then let him "Help me made my wife pregnant!" Read it.

This mother was as surprised as I was when she discovered it. The video is in English but oh-so clear. This mother shows you how to do the right way stretching the bodysuit must. With one hand you can even!
I would say sharing and let your girlfriends know how you should actually do it.

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