What regulate in pregnancy per trimester? Handy checklist!

After a pregnancy, your life will completely change. Fortunately, you have 9 months to do everything arrange in pregnancy. In this blog you can read what needs to be arranged when you are pregnant and when. Super convenient!

Pregnant for the first time?

Are you pregnant for the first time? Congratulations!! You are going to a very special period in which you are going to carry a child for the first time. Especially? What is sometimes a pity is that many women who are pregnant for the first time, later in their pregnancy find out that they have forgotten many things to arrange.

Result: a lot of stress in those last months while it is already so heavy. To help you not to get too stressed and to have all your affairs in order, it is useful if you know exactly what you can arrange when you are pregnant. And let me put this right for you right now!

Arrange pregnancy checklist

There are a number of things that you should definitely arrange during your pregnancy because otherwise it can have unpleasant consequences. For example, it is very useful to have a midwife who will assist you during pregnancy and make the echoes.

In addition, you should also think about your health insurance and see what the basic health insurance covers. A basic insurance covers many, but not everything. For example, a delivery in the hospital is only reimbursed if it has a medical necessity. What you also need to think about is maternity care and your maternity leave.
And it is of course logical that you also have to make sure that you have all the baby stuff at home, such as baby clothes, diapers, baby bath, weaning bottles and so on. Enough to do in those 9 months!

To do list pregnancy

To help you arrange everything during pregnancy, we have a handy to-do list for you! Tip: Print this handy pregnancy checklist and stick it in your diary!

  • Inform family doctor and pharmacy so you do not get medication that can be harmful to your baby. Also look for a midwife and contact her.
  • Request the maternity package from your health insurer. Check whether this is reimbursed or put together a maternity package yourself
  • Find out what your basic insurance covers and see if this can be adjusted if necessary. Have you become pregnant in November, December or January? Then you are lucky! You can then still opt for a suitable health insurer! Also report to your health insurer that you are pregnant.
  • Check whether there are waiting lists for childcare
  • Arrange maternity care
  • Indulging yourself for mother for mothers
  • Make an appointment with a midwife
  • Orientation for pregnancy course and possible enrollment
  • Order baby box
  • Arrange maternity leave
  • Purchase items from the baby sales list
  • Make children's room in order
  • Find out whether you have the following insurance policies: health insurance, liability insurance, legal expenses insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, funeral insurance, accident insurance. After your baby is born, you must state to all your insurers that you have a baby. So make sure that you already have all the forms or have drafted a draft email.
What should you arrange during pregnancy?
For nothing to forget we have made a handy checklist in pdf format for you, a so-called pregnancy checklist. Download and print out!
Oh yes, you can see at a glance what you have to arrange per quarter!

Pregnant what do you arrange when?

You would almost become despondent of such a huge list. But do not worry, you really do not have to arrange everything in one go with your pregnancy. Relax and take your time. I will describe below in which trimester you have to arrange something in the correct order!

First trimester

In the first quarter it is good that you arrange the following things:

  1. Do not forget to swallow your folic acid.
  2. Find out what you can and can not eat during pregnancy.
  3. Inform your doctor and pharmacy.
  4. Find a midwife in the neighborhood and make an appointment.
  5. If you go to the dentist, tell them that you are pregnant.
  6. Check your health insurance and see if you need additional insurance or not. Please read the information about health insurance here.
  7. Check whether your maternity package is reimbursed by the health insurer and apply for it.
  8. Between 8 and 12 weeks you have your first term echo (exciting).
  9. Arrange maternity care. Tip: choose a maternity office that has a partnership with your health insurer.
  10. Register for mothers for mothers (hand in urine).
  11. Think whether you are going to work full-time or part-time and how it can be arranged with childcare or babysitting.

Second trimester

You have arrived in the second trimester! Time to think about new things. Probably this is all better than in the first trimester because you will now suffer less from unpleasant pregnancy ailments!

  1. Registration for a pregnancy course (not compulsory).
  2. Register for a daycare (when necessary).
  3. Inform employer. This is actually only 3 months before your due date, but rather is so nice. To apply for maternity leave, you must request a maternity certificate from the midwife.
  4. Start collecting the baby pack (more about this later).
  5. From 5 months pregnant you can state your health care provider that you are pregnant.
  6. Make the nursery in order, now you have energy for this, later not anymore!
  7. Purchase nice maternity clothes.
  8. Make an appointment with the notary to draw up a will.

Third trimester

The last steps are breaking!

  1. Not married? From month 7 your partner must apply for the recognition of the child (more about this later).
  2. From the 24 weeks you have to tell your employer that you are pregnant.
  3. Check your insurance policies and ensure that you can soon inform all your insurers about the arrival of your baby.
  4. Make a birth plan
  5. Make sure you are breast-feeding or bottle-feeding
  6. Put the stuff ready for a home birth or make a flight case for the hospital delivery
  7. Your maternity leave starts between week 34 and 36. A great time to organize the baby room through online shopping and arrange the baby during pregnancy
  8. Make the birth announcements

After birth

  1. Declaration of birth. You are immediately eligible for child benefit, you do not have to apply for this separately.
  2. Create and send the birth announcements.
  3. Register your baby with your health insurance and other insurers.

Pregnancy checklist

Especially the ladies who are pregnant for the first time, may not yet have a feeling with all the baby stuff that still needs to be taken home. Because there are quite a lot. Fortunately, we have a stake out list for you.

View our handy baby release list here.

The stakeout list brings a lot of costs. Therefore start on time so that you can spread the costs over several months. Make sure you have everything in house in plenty of time.

What should you arrange in case of pregnancy if you are not married?

If you are not married but are pregnant and you do not have a registered partnership, then you have to arrange something extra for pregnancy. Your partner must recognize your child. This is possible up to 3 days after birth, but sometimes it is nicer to do this before. If your partner recognizes the child before birth, it is called "recognition of the unborn child".

To recognize the child, your partner can go to the town hall of your home. If it is your first child, then mothers must come along. During the recognition of the child, the surname is also chosen immediately. So think about this. When the child is not recognized by the partner, it automatically receives the mother's last name. If this is not your first child, then you do not have to come along as a mother, but you can give a written permission.

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