Ovulation app and the fertility chart

If you take your temperature every morning and check your cervical mucus and cervix, this information only tells you something about your current menstrual cycle. The information that you collect during a few months can be conveniently stored with, for example, one Ovulation App.
You can then use this information to predict when you are fertile days and so when you can expect ovulation.

Ovulation app or manual fertility chart

Keeping track of when you are fertile can be very useful with one fertility chart or a Ovulation App. You can do this manually with a printed table, but it can also be done with various online programs and ovulation apps. Below are some popular ovulation apps to keep track of your ovulation.

What is the best app to get pregnant?

The best Ovulation App to get pregnant is at this moment:

Ovulation App: Fertility Friend

This website offers you the opportunity to keep a fertility chart online for free, in which you can enter your temperature, cervical mucus and position of your cervix every morning. You can also indicate which type of test you have done. For example an ovulation test, saliva test or pregnancy test. You are a VIP member for the first 30 days. As a VIP you can use additional options such as filling in your symptoms in more detail on your fertility. After these 30 days you automatically become a free member and a number of options expire. You do not need these options directly to keep track of your data. If you want to stay a VIP member you have to pay. For example, a graph of Fertility Friend might look like this:

Ovulation App Fertility Friend itself indicates with a red cross what he thinks your ovulation day is. He bases this on the data that you enter. If the program is certain, you will see a thick red cross. If he is not sure, he will show a dotted cross. These crosses only appear when you have an elevated body temperature three days in a row. For example, he does not indicate an ovulation day while you have accidentally measured a wrong body temperature.

There are also other ovulation apps such as a menstruation app for the iphone and a pregnancy app for android:

Ovulation App: Ovagraph

Following the book of the same name, which translates as "Get control over your fertility", there is also a program and Ovulation App available in collaboration with Ovagraph.

This ovulation program you download from the site and you can try it for 15 days. The ovulation app can be used on both iPhones and Android devices. If you want to continue using it after that you will have to buy it. This ovulation predictor offers almost the same as Fertility Friend but is something more user-friendly. It provides some more detailed information about your cycle and your possible pregnancy.

In addition, you can also use it to calculate when you should have sex if you have one baby around a certain date. You can upload your chart to an account on their website each time. On the forum you can ask for help from other women and specialists.

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What do you think is the best app to get pregnant?

So there are more Ovulation App's and ovulation programs on the market to keep your fertility chart. Let us know what your favorite Ovulation App is and we add him on this page.

In addition to knowing when you are fertile, it is also important to have the conditions and your health in order as well as possible. Read our article about fertility and nutrition for more information.

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