Home birth or hospital delivery

It is a question that many women often ask themselves: I choose one home birth or hospital delivery? In most cases the choice is entirely up to you and it depends on which choice you feel most comfortable. There has been a lot of research into the safety of home deliveries and for the time being it has not been proven that it is unsafe to give birth to your child in your own home.

In some cases, however, you are not faced with the choice of a home birth or hospital delivery. This often has to do with your health and problems or complications during this or a previous pregnancy. Often you get to know in advance whether you have the option for giving birth or giving birth in hospital.

Why choose for advantages and disadvantages at home?

The biggest advantage of giving birth at home is that you can relax at home. Giving birth is already stressful enough and also a decent attack on your body. In addition, there is also more peace and the birth process is slowly being awaited. In the hospital, there are quicker actions to speed up the birth such as cutting or a suction cup.
Other benefits of home birth:

  • you do not have to be transported to the hospital
  • After the birth you are at home and you can sleep in your own bed
  • you do not have to worry that you are not well supervised, in the Netherlands we have great midwives

Disadvantages of home birth, risk at home

Hopefully the delivery will take place without complications, but unfortunately these can not always be avoided. If complication occurs, you will still have to go to the hospital. In addition, you have fewer standby specialists at home who can help you immediately if something goes wrong. The figures for home delivery show a decreasing trend. In 2010, 17% of childbirths were at home, in 2015 that was only 13%. Increasingly, women still have to go to the hospital.

Why choose hospital delivery

With a home birth, no pain relief is usually given. If you have severe and painful contractions, pain relief can sometimes be pretty nice. Also in the hospital all specialists are present who can help you with problems during delivery or when your newborn baby is in need. So if you want to take it for granted, it might be better to give birth in hospital.

Disadvantages of hospital delivery

In the hospital your personal convenience is a lot smaller than with a home birth. This way you are less free to accept postures where you feel most comfortable and you can not immediately bathe or in the shower. In addition, the hospital intervenes more quickly when the delivery takes a long time, for example cutting in. It is also less personal because you are not at home and it can happen that the staff changes during your special moment.

When can you not give birth at home? If there are increased risks during pregnancy, you will have to give birth under the guidance of the gynecologist.

How can you choose for a home birth or hospital delivery?

The choice that every future mother has to make is whether you choose one home birth or hospital delivery. Actually, this is quite a difficult choice, especially since you have to decide this beforehand. At that moment it is still a big question how the delivery will take place.
Fortunately, the decision you make is not immediately definitive. You can even just before giving birth. If you tell your doctor or midwife that you still want to go to the hospital, that can be arranged immediately. The other way around is also possible: if you are in the hospital and everything goes well, you can always decide to go home.

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