When does that real pregnancy belly come?

I am now 15 weeks pregnant. And I really wonder: when does that real pregnancy belly come? Something is slowly starting to grow now, but I would like somewhere that there was more to see. That everyone can immediately see that I am pregnant and do not first think: 'Little boy, what has become fat?' I want to see that baby belly! I want to see the baby move and feel! What is that wonderful! When does that come real pregnancy belly? When was it clearly visible to you?

A small beginning

A belly has begun to grow since the 14th week of my pregnancy. Or yes a belly ... I see all that starts to set up, but it is not yet a pregnancy belly. It looks a bit like the belly you have if you have not been to the bathroom for a few days (if you know what I mean) and just have a 5-course dinner. Such a stuffed belly.

I already had this stomach when I was 8 weeks pregnant and had a bloated feeling all the time (and ate too much). Sometimes I have the idea that I now have a pregnancy belly, if I look from above. But if I let my husband take a picture of the side then I only see a somewhat stuffed belly. No pregnancy belly.

Why can not we wait for our pregnancy belly?

My husband does not understand so well that I long for that pregnancy belly. "That will only get in the way soon? Now you can move freely '. That is true and now I can sleep on my stomach, enjoy a good workout and I have no pain from shovels. Yet I long for it.

I longed to be visibly pregnant!

Maybe because I do not feel totally pregnant now because I'm fitter and not sick anymore. Maybe because I want to show the whole world that I am pregnant. Although I will not get a response to it when I walk into the supermarket, I want everyone to know. I am proud of it, I am happy with it and I want to show it.
I really wonder if every woman who becomes a mother for the first time also feels this way.

Regular clothing too small, position clothes too big!

There is a small practical reason that I'm impatiently 'waiting' for my real pregnancy belly: my clothes do not fit!

My regular clothing is really too small now. I did it until a week ago but at a certain moment I just looked like a rollmops. When my husband said: 'Roos actually can not wear these clothes anymore' I was also done with it. Hop to the attic. And to be honest ... That was quite a relief. Because when I put on some maternity wear that I had received from my sister-in-law, it felt extremely comfortable. Nothing jammed, I did not feel like a roulade, my shorter sweaters were no more navy sweaters and I did not have to open buttons at the end of the day.

Delicious! But whether the maternity wear is really good now? That is not yet. I am in between now. I do not get myself squeezed properly in my normal clothing or it looks very clear that I have squeezed myself into it. On the other hand, the maternity wear is still a bit too loose and some cardigans are clearly too big. 'You have to wear dresses', everyone says, but I never really wear dresses so I do not have dresses to put on during the week.
So yes: come on with that pregnancy belly! I am ready!

When pregnancy belly?

Recently I wrote a piece about the growth of your stomach during pregnancy. From the 17th and 18th week of pregnancy, your belly will be really visible. That is for me 2 to 3 weeks and then I feel that everything really starts.
Which is really stupid, because my pregnancy really started right from the moment the seed melted with my egg. And yet you need visible confirmation. A wonderful pregnancy belly. Maybe by the time I am 35 weeks pregnant you should ask me how happy I am with that pregnancy belly!

I am very curious about your opinions about the pregnancy portal and when it became visible to you. Could you not wait?

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