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It may seem like a job that you can clear: buy a pram. Until you go looking and find out that there is not one pram, but there are 5 species. And they also have other types of wheels, folding systems, price range, accessories and are suitable for other ages. So sit down and read this blog. Then the choice for the best pram to make something easier!

Types of prams

Especially new mothers (like me) who are looking for prams for the first time quickly come to an important discovery: there are several types of strollers. So it is useful if you first know which types are there. Only then can you better choose what the best stroller is for you.

The types of strollers:

  • Combi car

    The combination car is the most popular among parents. That is because the combination car has the characteristics of a pram and stroller. The car contains a chassis, a stroller insert and a travel cot. The car can be used from birth, but also if your child is older (up to about 3 years). You can convert the car into a stroller with a seat.

    A car seat fits on most combi trucks, but you do need separate adapters. The big advantage of a combi wagon is that it lasts a long time and you do not have to purchase a separate pram again.

  • Stroller

    If your child can sit independently, your child can be in a stroller. So you can not carry your baby from birth here. A stroller looks like a buggy, but is bigger and heavier. This may not be convenient in terms of transport, but a stroller can be better maneuvered on the street than a buggy, it is firmer and lasts longer.

  • Buggy

    A buggy is suitable if your baby can sit independently, not from birth. A buggy is a light version of the stroller. In addition, the buggy is also smaller than a stroller, has smaller wheels and takes up less space with storage.

    A buggy is especially suitable for shorter distances such as shopping and not suitable for long-term transport. For long-term transport or transporting your child on varying surfaces (such as sand or gravel), a buggy is less suitable. In addition, he does not last as long.

  • Duowagen

    A duo car is very suitable to transport two children at the same time. Useful for example if you have twins. With some carts, the seats are attached next to each other or behind each other.

    A duo combination car also has the advantages as that of another combination car. This way your children can sit in the car from birth and older and the car is suitable for car seats. This makes it a suitable car for parents with children of different ages. There are also duo buggies!

  • Running trolleys

    Jogged wagons, also called running buggies or baby joggers, are cars that are built on them to run. The wagons have extra large wheels, are somewhat wider, stable, agile, comfortable and have good suspension. The cars are otherwise not suitable for normal use and it can sometimes be difficult to put them together.

How do you choose the best stroller?

Choosing the best stroller for your little one is not as easy as you think. There are various types, but you also have to take other matters into account. Consider, for example, the size, the ease with which they can be folded, the tires or the maneuverability. If you want to buy the best stroller, pay attention to the following points and ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you live?

    If you live reasonably small, it is useful if you buy a pram that you can easily collapse and hang up. You can also opt for a compact pram. If you live in a flat or upstairs apartment, a light, compact stroller is probably also better. You have to lift the car often.

  • How do you take the pram with you?

    If you have to travel a lot with the family car and pram, choose a compact pram that you can easily pack. Also check whether the car fits in your car. Do you travel a lot with public transport? Even then, a compact and light stroller that you can easily fold, is more practical.

  • Where do you take the pram to?

    On what kind of surfaces do you have to drive with the pram? If you often have to walk on rugged surfaces such as in the forest, park or boulevard then it is wise to opt for thicker tires and a sturdy pram that can take a beating.

    Do you often walk on roads with irregularities? The best is a pram with pneumatic tires, which have better suspension. Foam or foam tires are more sensitive to imperfections, but the advantage of these tires is that they can not leak.

  • Agility and wheels

    If you live in the city, the best pram is a wagon that is agile. A pram with 3 wheels is very agile and can easily make short turns. Mostly running trolleys and buggies have three wheels.

    A four-wheeled pram is less manoeuvrable, but it is more resistant to robust surfaces and it is better to climb up and down (that is often difficult with three wheels). Parents who often walk on different terrains can better choose 4 wheels.

  • Testing in the store

    Before you buy a pram it is wise to go look in the store. Then test the maneuverability, see if you can easily fold it in and out and determine if the height is right.Have you made your choice order it online for the best price at a store with good service if something unexpected is wrong with the car. Never buy a stroller online, but always try it out in a store.

Best stroller consumer union

The consumer association has tested a number of baby carriages for ready-to-use, control, user-friendliness and this year also ergonomics and transport (such as use in public transport or in the car). The best stroller according to the consumer union is the EasyWalker Harvey combination wagon. The car scored a 9.2 and is therefore the best buy and the best pram from the test. An EasyWalker costs about 800 euros.

Best buggy

The consumer association also tested buggies, the best of the test was EasyWalker Mini Buggy of 180 euros. In the second place the Joie Pact also of 180 euros.

Best pushchair 2018

The best stroller according to the consumer association is the Easywalker Harvey. Below the top 4:

  1. Easywalker Harvey: Score: 9.2 Price: 800 euros
  2. Nuna Mixx: Score: 8.8 Price: 800 euros
  3. Nuna Ivvi Savi: Score: 8.7 Price: 599 euros
  4. Koelstra Binque Daily: Score: 8.2 Price: 679 euros

Best pram test purchase

Would you like to know which strollers are currently the most sold? View below the best strollers according to the consumers of with the best rating, often 5 stars!

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