What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is a plan that you put together with your partner. In this plan you write down what your wishes are for during the delivery. A birth plan is not mandatory, but very useful and nice to have. In the first instance, it ensures that you think about the delivery better. That way you prepare yourself in advance. You also let yourself be informed earlier and you can better assess what you can expect.

In addition, you relieve yourself of a lot of difficult questions at the time of the birth itself. You have already answered these questions in your birth plan. Care providers already know what is expected of them and what you want. This ensures that you can better focus on that difficult task that awaits you!

What is in a birth plan?

A birth plan does not have to be a complete book. It is even better to keep it as concise and clear as possible so that caregivers can see what you want at a glance. So try to keep it at one page. If you really want a few more crucial things than the max 2 pages.

When drafting your plan, remember that caregivers do not have the time to read your plan quietly while you lie there with your legs in the braces!

The following points can be found in your plan:

During the delivery, there will probably be times when decisions have to be made. You can indicate in your birth plan whether you want to be involved in these decisions or whether you leave it to the medical staff. You can also indicate whether they should keep you informed about the actions they perform.

Record practical matters in the birth plan

In your birth plan you can also record some practical information such as:

  • Where do you like? (Home birth or hospital delivery?)
  • Do you want pain relief?
  • What attitude do you want to take while catching the contractions? (maybe you have a preference for this)
  • Who may be present at the delivery and who cuts the umbilical cord?
  • Are you going to breastfeed or bottle-feed?

As you can see, there are a number of important issues that you should consider in any case. It is good to read some information about a few things, such as the place where you want to give birth and what kind of food you want to give. You can discuss points about which you have doubts with your midwife and always mention them later in your birth plan.

Sit down for a good night and discuss the points of the plan with your partner. In an evening you can already draw up the plan and you have everything clear on paper once and for all. If you think of yourself later, you can always adjust it! Below you will find sample questions for your birth plan. You can download it here and use it during your delivery.

Download the birth plan here

Sample questions birth plan

Below you will find questions that you can include in your birth plan. It is intended that you give a short answer to the questions. Of course a birth plan is personal and you can adapt it yourself to your situation. The following questions are only intended as a guideline or to give you an idea what is in a birth plan. Download our birth plan and add it to your wishes.
Birth plan of:


Who may be present during your delivery?

Where did you give birth?

  • Where do you want to give birth (at home or hospital)?
  • What are your wishes about the space you like?
  • Who is allowed to take photos or video images?

Communication during childbirth

Tick ​​what you want:

  • - I want to be informed about the actions that are performed during the delivery
  • - I want to have a say in the decisions that have to be taken during the delivery
  • If I can not make decisions myself, this person takes over from me:
  • When can the birth plan be deviated from?

Contractions and presses

  • What attitude do you want to take during the recovery of the contractions?
  • Do you want pain relief?
  • Which pain relief ?:

Interventions during childbirth

What are your thoughts about the following procedures and indicate your special wishes:

  • Monitoring the heart rate:
  • Internal examination:
  • Infuse puncture
  • To cut:
  • Art redemption:

What are your wishes if a cesarean should be done?

  • Partner present?
  • Getting to know your child?

What are your wishes if your child can not be in your neighborhood due to complication?

Briefly describe them here:

After birth:

  • Do you want to take care of your baby yourself?
  • Who cuts the umbilical cord?
  • Do you want to breastfeed?
  • Do you want to have your child directly on the chest?
  • Are you going to save the placenta?

Other wishes:

These are, of course, example questions and are intended as an example. You can adjust them yourself but you now know which questions and answers you can put in when creating a birth plan form.

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