So you enjoy the pregnancy: The benefits of being pregnant!

One woman loves to be pregnant. The other secretly does not like that much. I thought it took a very long time. What are your feelings about being pregnant? Do you enjoy this or do you not really live on that pink pregnancy cloud? If you, like me, sometimes forget to enjoy your pregnancy, then I have listed all the benefits of a pregnancy in my blog: "This way you enjoy the pregnancyβ€œ.

Benefits of being pregnant

When people ask my questions: 'How are you?' Then I notice that I am going to name a few things that are not going well. I often conclude with the words: "Still .... Weeks to go. It will take a long time '. I think it is my impatience in particular that makes me less happy with my pregnancy. Every day I long for the moment that I can take our little girl in my arms.

I am only busy with the final destination, and forget to enjoy the trip.

That is why I forced myself to think about everything benefits of being pregnant. And I can tell you: there are actually quite a lot!

  1. You do not have to diet

    If, like me, you've already taken a million times a diet and are always busy with your weight, being pregnant is a very nice and long 'diet-break'. Of course you should not use the pregnancy as an excuse to stuff yourself. And of course you still have to eat healthy, but you do not have to lose weight in these 9 months. You do not have to starve yourself, but just good food what your body needs.

  2. You always have an excuse

    How often have you used the 'I am pregnant excuse'? Sometimes it is handy though, you can also just drop off everywhere on time, because yes: you are pregnant and tired. Do not feel like vacuuming or carrying out another task? Use your 'pregnancy card'.

  3. You always have someone to talk to

    Do you know that you sometimes have to talk to someone but you are alone or those in the neighborhood are not the right people. You always have your baby that you can talk to without having to feel that you have to let yourself be admitted. In fact, from the 19th week your baby can hear in your stomach and it is good to let him or her hear your voice as often as possible.

  4. This way you enjoy the pregnancy! Roos names the benefits of being pregnant so that you can enjoy it even during the lesser moments.

  5. Day tight correction underwear

    You no longer need to hold your stomach or press yourself into correction underwear. You are pregnant and there is no pants that can correct that. By the way: you do not need it either, because those rolls on your stomach are now nicely pulled.

  6. Your partner does chores earlier for you

    In those 20 weeks that I am pregnant, I have already got my husband to take over all the mopping jobs and do more often. Delicious! Later when I can get away from the couch a bit more difficult, he will also be sure to get something for me or something tasty.

  7. You can cry unabashed everywhere

    Previously, I was always pushing back my tears when I saw something sad in a movie or series. Now I do not do that anymore. Not that I would succeed anyway. Now if I leave a tear again, I have complete peace with that. "It's the hormones." also read: 8 things you cry for during pregnancy.

  8. You get a VIP treatment everywhere

    People are standing in front of you on the bus, you can always be the first to choose and with your family they are not just feeding you grapes while you are being blown away by palm leaves. Delicious!

  9. Nobody looks strange when you eat something extra

    Second piece of cake on a birthday? A little extra dinner? Did you eat too much during a drink? You do not have to feel guilty anymore, or to think that you come across as a mega food bag. You are pregnant, people understand that you eat something more.

  10. A lot of shopping

    I have often looked at those cute baby clothes when I bought a present for someone else. Now I can finally buy some of those super cute baby clothes! And besides that I can also buy some nice maternity clothes for myself, and be very busy with the furnishing of the baby room.

  11. Your hair is getting nice and thick, your skin is shining

    I do not think I have a radiant glow, but I do notice that my hair barely breaks down. Pregnant women always have a lovely thick bunch of hair, stronger nails and beautiful skin. If that is not a mega advantage!

  12. You have not broke for 9 months

    Okay it's not always nice that you have to pass all the wines, beers and cocktails. But the biggest advantage is that the next day you are just fresh and fruity again. I love to be broke for a while.

  13. You can relax without guilt

    When you start maternity leave, you can undisturbed (if you have children) and take it easy. Hi Netflix! You do not feel guilty at all if you have been watching series for 3 hours. Enjoy as much of the peace as possible while you still can!

  14. You can still sleep relatively well

    My nights are slightly broken because I have to go to the bathroom at least 4 times, but that is in a minute. I do not have to feed and I can still sleep well and sleep late. That will of course end soon.

  15. You have a lot of time with the two of you

    This is my first pregnancy and I realize more and more that these are the last months that we can still spend with the two of us.In the coming period we will enjoy our quality time.

  16. You are in the middle of a great miracle

    If you think about it, it really is not nothing: such a pregnancy. You are currently working on the creation of a new life. How bizarre! How beautiful that your body can do this? Only the thought that you are engaged in something miraculous is actually the most beautiful, biggest and most important advantage that exists!

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