Cesarean section

In the first instance, it is always assumed that delivery takes place vaginally. Nevertheless, circumstances may require that you opt for caesarean section or surgical delivery. This can be planned in advance or there must be one emergency Caesarean section be applied during the delivery.

If it is planned in advance, there are several reasons why your baby is not well positioned (breech presentation). Or your pelvis is too narrow, your placenta blocks the passage or because, for example, you had complications during previous births. Whatever the reason, it is always discussed with you at length. In this blog you can read what exactly is done during a cesarean section and how you recover afterwards.

Urgent cesarean section

In some cases it is necessary that a cesarean must still be performed during your delivery. This happens in the following situations:

  • the life of your baby is in danger;
  • the placenta begins to come loose;
  • the access is insufficiently started;
  • you have received an infection.

What happens during a caesarean section?

First you will be sedated in advance. You can opt for a complete anesthetic or a spinal anesthetic (spinal puncture). The choice is entirely yours. Some women find it scary to be conscious during childbirth and therefore opt for an anesthetic. Others want to experience everything and prefer a spinal puncture.

Caesarean section how long does surgery take?

The operation takes place after the anesthesia or spinal puncture. This takes half an hour to an hour. In most cases, a horizontal cut is made in your lower abdomen (bikini cut). Then a vertical cut is made in the abdominal wall and then a horizontal cut in the uterus. Then your baby is taken out and she cuts the umbilical cord.
Finally, your placenta is removed and you get a remedy that causes your uterus to contract again. While you are being attached, your baby is being examined. If you have not been anesthetized and your baby is healthy, you can quickly press him or her against you.

Caesarean section advantages and disadvantages, when you may choose it is good to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Recovery after caesarean section

The recovery after a Caesarean section can vary greatly from one mother to another. In some cases it takes weeks before they are able to walk again and others can walk well after a week. In general, 6 weeks before the recovery period.
Below are a few tips that you can take into account:

Care for home help

During the Cesarean section, your abdominal muscles are put on the side and as a result, a lot of damage occurs. You will notice how often you actually use your abdominal muscles during the weeks of your recovery. Think for example of getting up, bending, coughing, laughing and even walking. All these activities will be a lot harder. Try to take this into account beforehand by raising your bed slightly and attaching something to the toilet where you can pull yourself up. Also remember that you can not lift anything and bend as little as possible. A little help in the household is definitely recommended during the recovery period.


You may well lose blood after caesarean section. There is a wound in your uterus because your placenta has been removed. Make sure you have enough sanitary napkins in your home!

In addition, the scar of the wound must be well taken care of, for example with anti scar patches especially after a Caesarean section.

Breastfeeding after the caesarean section

You can also breastfeed just after a Caesarean section. When milk production starts up, it varies per person. Many women, however, can immediately put their baby to the breast. Always consult your doctor about what you can do best!

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