Can you influence the sex of your baby?

Getting a healthy child is a wonderful miracle with which you can praise yourself very happily. But sometimes it can happen that you have a slight preference for the gender. Maybe because you already have 3 boys and you really want a girl, or not. There are theories in circulation that claim that it is possible that you do it affect your baby's gender can. For example with the timing method and diet adjustments. Read more about this in this blog!

To affect your baby's sex: Male and female sperm cells

The sperm cells of the man determine the sex! A man has male sperm cells (Y) and female sperm cells (X). With every ejaculation a race of millions of sperm cells starts in the direction of the uterus. The one who first reaches the egg and knows how to penetrate, has 'won'. In general you have a 52% chance of a boy and a 48% chance of a girl. But maybe you can influence the sex of your baby and turn your chances!

What is the timing method?

The timing method is simply a method in which you adjust the moment of sexual intercourse at the moment of ovulation. This method is based on the fact that male sperm cells (Y) are faster, smaller and weaker than female sperm cells (X). Female sperm cells may be slightly slower than the male versions, they are stronger and survive longer in the womb. When your partner shoots his gunpowder, the male sperm cells take off like a spear and leave the women behind.

But once they get into the womb and there is no egg, they quickly lose their lives. In contrast to the female versions that stay alive for longer and are therefore able to wait a little longer for ovulation, so that they can get started later. Female sperm cells can stay alive for a few days in the womb. According to the timing method, it therefore makes a difference when you have sexual intercourse: before, during or just after ovulation.

Tips for getting a daughter

  • According to the timing method

    Do you want to influence the sex of your baby and would you like to have a daughter? With the timing method it is good to have sexual intercourse before ovulation. You have ovulated 14 days before the first day of your next menstruation. After you have ovulated, your egg is highly fertile for about 12 hours.
    For a girl, it is best to have sex a few days before ovulation. By the time you have ovulation, the male sperm cells have already died and the ladies can seize their chance.

  • Girl diet

    Adjusting your diet also seems to help increase the chances of having a daughter. The stronger female sperm cells can thrive better in an acid environment than men. You can influence the acidity of your uterus through your diet. Would you like to eat a girl more sour products such as oranges, dairy, lemon and vegetables. In addition, the minerals seem to help calcium and magnesium. Please note that you do not eat too much acid, otherwise no sperm cell will survive.

  • Sex position

    Since the female sperm cells are stronger, it is good to make the road to the uterus a bit longer with the hope that the male versions have already gone. The best sex position is the missionary position because the penetration is less deep.

Can you predict whether it will be a boy or girl when you are pregnant?

Tips for getting a son

  • According to the timing method

    If you want to influence the sex of your baby because you secretly long for a son, it is good to have sex the day before, on the day itself or the day after your ovulation. In any case, as close as possible to the moment that your egg is highly fertile. Since your egg is already present in the uterus, the fastest sperm cell will overcome. And these are usually the male sperm.

  • Boy diet

    The male sperm cells are less strong. A very acid uterus will survive less quickly than the female versions. Therefore eat less sour products and more salty foods such as bread, nuts, red meat, fish and raisins.

  • Sex position

    The small male race sperm cells are best in short sprints. A deep penetration may therefore help because the distance to the uterus is slightly smaller. You get this deep penetration during the 'from behind' position.

Obtain your ovulation

Apart from the fact that you may be able to influence the sex of your baby by monitoring your ovulation with the timing method, it is good to understand your menstrual cycle if you want to become pregnant.
In this way you can find out when you are fertile and when you need extra sexual intercourse. Read more about your menstrual cycle and your ovulation here.

We are also very curious if you have tried the mentioned theories and if it succeeded!

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