Exercises against varicose veins

Do you know varicose veins? Varicose veins often look like stuffed purple / blue twists that run under your skin. Varicose veins are anything but charming. Fortunately, they often can not do much harm. Yet that does not mean that we want to have them. There are various causes of varicose veins and your pregnancy is one of them. Especially in the first and third trimester, the chance of spider veins increases. The advantage is that there is simple exercises against varicose veins are those that can help you prevent or reduce varicose veins. Are you coming with me?

Varicose veins during pregnancy

I gave it a bit: because of your pregnancy, you have a slightly higher chance of developing varicose veins. Normally, healthy veins ensure oxygen-rich blood flows from your heart and lungs to the rest of your body and oxygen-depleted blood can flow back to your heart and lungs from your entire body.

By means of small valves your veins ensure that the oxygen-poor blood can flow up to your heart and lungs and therefore does not flow back. If you suffer from varicose veins, you have weak veins or your veins are under too high pressure, so the valves no longer work properly. The result is that blood will accumulate in the veins. This causes blue or purple thickenings that you can see through the skin.

Varicose veins are not particularly beautiful, but also not dangerous. Yet it can happen that you suffer from it. The complaints you experience are heavy, restless or painful legs. I say legs now, because varicose veins are the most common in your legs. But during pregnancy you can also develop varicose veins in your groin or even in your vagina (this can be seen through thickenings). If you suffer from this you should always call in the doctor, so never be ashamed! It is not wise not to have your varicose veins look before you give birth.

Anyway, you will get the above complaints if you have varicose veins, I want to prevent it!

Exercises to prevent or reduce varicose veins

Since varicose veins are most prevalent in the legs during pregnancy, the following exercises are mainly aimed at preventing you from developing varicose veins there. Incidentally, I do not really know if there are exercises to prevent varicose veins in your sheath or groin.

The exercises you can read below are very easy and quick to perform. Choose a few that you like the most and run them daily!

Lying exercises against varicose veins

Every time you lie down and go to sleep, you can briefly do one of these exercises.

  • Exercise 1: Lie down and place your legs a bit higher. For example, on a pillow. Then move your toes upwards (flexing) and then down again. Stretch your toes and muscles well. Do this for about half a minute.
  • Exercise 2: Lie on your back and raise your legs a bit. Then make circular movements with your feet from your ankle. First turn 20 times in one direction, then 20 times the other side.
  • Exercise 3: Lie on your back and cycle with your legs in the air (if this goes with your stomach). Make the cycling move as large as possible. Do this about 20 times.

Sitting exercises against varicose veins

Are you still working and are you a lot? Then do these exercises regularly, every day.

  • Exercise 1: Make sure you are sitting firmly. Place your legs at an angle of 90 ° and straighten them completely so that your lower legs are on the same line as your upper legs. Then move your legs down again. Do this 20 times in a row.
  • Exercise 2: Put your feet on the ground side by side. Then put your heels apart and then together again. Do this 30 times.
  • Exercise 3: Put your feet flat on the ground. Lift your toes alternately and then your heels. Do this 20 times.

Standing exercises against varicose veins

In order to prevent varicose veins movement is very important anyway. Movement is good for your circulation. Daily half an hour of moderate intensive exercise (you can divide into blocks of 10 minutes) also helps enormously to ensure that your legs remain varnish-free. Moving, for example, can be walking, cycling, swimming, brushing a lot, on the crosstrainer or everything else where your legs are in good motion.

If you have to wait while standing, go alternate on your toes and then stand on your heels. Just a few meters walking on your toes is also a good exercise! In addition, always ensure that you do not sit or stand for too long and if you have to do that, do some of these exercises in the meantime.

Good luck with these exercises against varicose veins!

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