Christmas with a baby!

Christmas with a baby, maybe your first Christmas as a real family! How do you celebrate Christmas with a baby at home? Well, the creators of Story of this Life have made a beautiful video about how their Christmas with a baby last year has expired!

Christmas with a baby

Things go differently with a baby in the house, especially at Christmas. Perhaps very recognizable and you have experienced this yourself. The images from this video are at least hilarious to watch. So check out with that Christmas tree and decorations in the house!

First Christmas baby

The Christmas days are a special time of the year and especially if you have just become a mother. Christmas is a family celebration and extra special with a baby or toddler at home.
Celebrating Christmas with a baby is different than you might be used to. If you are now celebrating Christmas with friends or parents, you will have to bring along a lot of things. Not only diapers and food but also, for example, a camp bed and plenty of clean clothes. Christmas will always be different from now on!

How about a personal Christmas card with you as a family? Making the photo will be a whole happening, because how do you get your baby to laugh or keep looking in the camera? Does your Christmas card look like this?

Are you wondering how you will pass the Christmas dinner with a toddler? Then read these tips!

Do you take a Christmas tree if you have a toddler or baby in your home?
A crawling baby makes for nice situations in the house. Yet? Because that probably means that your Christmas tree looks just like this tree below.

Does your tree look like this?

(Source: video and photos Youtube Story of this Life)

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