Development baby 1 week old

Your baby is already a week old, what is that fast? You probably have the feeling that everything passes you by and you have actually been busy feeding. That is not a strange feeling, but probably a fact. This week everything will be almost the same as last week, the week of birth. Only you and your partner really have to do it alone because the maternity assistant will say goodbye this week. But do not worry, you will get enough tips and tricks from her. In our baby calendar you can follow the development of your baby. This week: The development baby 1 week old.

In short for a baby 1 week old:

  • Your baby can look 20 to 25 centimeters away.
  • The baby loses the umbilical stump.
  • Your baby can start making real contact.
  • You no longer have maternity help.
  • Blood loss will persist.
  • You have lost a lot of pregnancy cans.

The development baby 1 week old

When your baby is 1 week old and in the next 4 to 5 weeks, the rhythm and your night's rest will depend very much on your little baby. This will probably consist of feeding every 2 to 4 hours and then sleeping well again. Keep in mind that you can still whistle for a while after your night's rest.

  • More contact

    Some babies have a little more contact with the parents this week. Maybe your baby is already looking at you, then try to hold the eye and smile at your baby. Do not expect a smile yet, but your child will get to know your friendly face. Because your baby's vision is limited to 20-25 centimeters, it is good to keep your face a bit closer.

  • See colors

    Your baby can see colors, but less detailed than we do. You can perceive large contrasts such as black and white. Because the view is still limited, you do not have to stick the box or bed with colors. Probably this gives too much stimulation rather than your baby likes it. Your baby especially wants to eat and sleep and lay close to you. Preferably skin-to-skin.

  • Lose umbilical stump

    At the spot where the navel comes, there is now a black umbilical stump. This is a leftover piece of umbilical cord. Soon the stump will fall off and you will see the navel!

  • Nightly power supplies

    Your baby will not sleep through yet, this means that you have to go out a few times at night to feed your baby. One way to make it easier for yourself is to put your baby's bed in your bedroom.
    Even easier: purchase a co-sleeper.

    That is a bed that you can attach to your own bed. This means your baby is very close and you do not have to leave the bed at night. What is never a good idea, is to let your baby sleep in bed with you. This increases the risk of cot death or suffocation.

Follow the development of your baby in the baby calendar of Zo Zwanger

How is Mom doing?

  • Howling, unstable and tired

    Maybe you've already gotten a little better this week, but if you still feel very tired, then you are certainly not the only mother. This fatigue can be accompanied by crying and a slightly shorter fuse. Keep communicating with your partner and remember that it is all getting better.
    Do you have to cry a lot? Then you may suffer from maternity tears or baby blues. Do not be ashamed of yourself, about 50 to 80% of the women suffer from this.

  • Uncertainty

    Last week you could still rely on your maternity help, but this week you will really have to do it together. That will sometimes be exciting, but that is very normal. Do not hesitate to phone your own mommy regularly, she probably just likes to help. Furthermore, it helps a lot to think logically, maybe you do not always feel like this: you too have a mother's instinct. Never leave your baby alone, always support the head and make sure your baby is not too hot or too cold and you are already very far away.

  • Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding is actually the best food for your baby, but not always the easiest way to feed. If your installation technique is not good, it can already have consequences. Always make sure that your baby makes a big bite so that your nipple and a large part of the areola disappears into the mouth. Do you feel that breastfeeding is not going well? Then immediately call in the help of a lactation consultant. This way you can save yourself nasty gaps and chest inflammation. Also take a look at our articles on breastfeeding.

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Tips of the week

Tips that suit a baby 1 week old:

  • Be sure to inform yourself about breastfeeding before the maternity help leaves.
  • If you find it too much, ask for help in time.
  • Do you bottle-feed and do you notice that your baby returns a lot? First discuss with your midwife what you can do best before you switch to a different diet.
  • Make eye contact with your baby.
  • Always take your time in peace, there is no point in going beyond your limits.
  • Do not forget to enjoy your little one.


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