Development baby 3 weeks old

Sleeping is still the biggest hobby. That is not surprising, of course, that drinking and growing is simply incredibly exhausting. From this third week your baby may see something more. Also make sure that your baby sleeps safely, that you pay close attention to the body signals of your baby and give you a small Voice of Holland show for the little one every day. Exactly, let your singing talent hear! This week more about the development baby 3 weeks old.

In short, with a baby 3 weeks old

The development of your baby:

  • Your baby is still sleeping a lot.
  • It is good to also occasionally put your baby on his or her belly.
  • Try to get to know the body signals of your baby.
  • Make sure your baby is lying on the back of the bed at night.

The development baby 3 weeks old

  • Getting to know body signals

    You may think that your baby is now communicating mainly with crying, but nothing is less true. In fact, crying is the last means of communication that your baby uses to be literally 'heard'. Before the tears come, there are other body signals that your baby uses to make something clear.

    The art as a parent is to get to know these signals so that you can respond quickly to them. This ensures that you understand your baby better, your child sleeps better and drinks better.
    The first step is to pay attention to your baby. Then make a link with what you see and the time of the day. Is it around dinner time? Is your baby tired? You can read more about your baby's body signals here.

  • Keep talking

    For the language development of your baby it is important that you keep talking to the little one. It is never too early to start with language development. This already starts when your baby is still safely in the belly.

    Do not you know what to say to your child in god's name? Then tell what you are doing. What you think about and what else you will do or want to do. In principle, the content of your story does not matter at all. Besides talking to your baby helps with the language development, your baby also loves to hear your voice. Singing is also allowed!

  • To see something sharper

    Your baby's vision will be slightly better this week. Especially when you arrive with a brightly colored toy you have a chance that your baby reacts to this. Other things that evoke reaction are your face and especially your nose. In addition, your baby loves stuff with contrasting colors that also make a sound. Like music boxes or mobile.

  • Try to touch things

    At this moment your baby still finds those long arms and legs rather awkward and he or she does not know how to handle them. But every week they can keep those limbs under control. It may be that your little one already stretches out with little things. However, grabbing does not yet take place.

  • Develop preferential posture

    To prevent cot death as much as possible, it is very wise to always let your baby sleep on its back. The disadvantage is that it can happen that your baby often lies with the head to the same side. This makes the head flatter on one side than on the other side. In extreme cases, the earpiece may shift slightly. Therefore, during the day, when you can pay close attention to your baby, put your child to sleep on the belly. This is good for the head, but also gives your baby the opportunity to 'train' the motor skills and the muscles.

How are mom, dad, the parent?

If you are breastfeeding, it may be that this is going very well now, or that you are just having problems. Such as nipple gaps, chest inflammation or sprue. These are all very annoying breast-feeding ailments, but fortunately they can all be treated. Try that first before you throw the towel in the ring. Often it is most important that you put your baby well.

Flexible money saving for your child?

With an investment account or child account you put money aside so that you can later help your child realize his dream!

Tip of the week with a baby 3 weeks old:

  • Is breastfeeding not going well? Then switch on a lactation consultant in time, that will really help.
  • Do you bottle-feed and your baby often chokes? Then try another teat or bottle.
  • Do not forget to take a moment for yourself.


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