Bathroom remodeling for the baby

Are you going to do the renovate bathroom for the baby? Very sensible, because a comfortable and above all safe bathroom is very important for the small shoot. There are a lot of accidents in the bathroom. Think of falling, drowning or burning danger. Do you want to completely rebuild your bathroom? Read some handy tips for a safe, practical and naturally beautiful bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling for the baby

Whether you are renovating your bathroom, or just making a few adjustments: preparation is always important. Of course you want to make the right choices immediately and do not have to change things afterwards. Therefore, be inspired from different angles. Look for example on the internet, in Woonmagazines or visit a few bathroom shops.

When you are going to remodel the bathroom for your baby, safety and comfort is the most important thing. More important than the look and atmosphere. Therefore focus your bathroom with your child in mind and also try to think ahead. The goal is a safe bathroom that does not need to be changed in the next 10 or 20 years. Also important: determine your budget in advance. Then you can make better choices and search more specifically.

Important elements for a practical and safe bathroom can already be:

  • Adjustable toilet: now there are adjustable toilets on the market. Very useful for your children, but also when you are older!
  • Good sink: a good sink is essential in your bathroom. If you have a large family, a double sink is very practical.
  • Walk-in shower: a walk-in shower is always handy: you can easily shower with several people at the same time, you can safely walk in the shower with your baby (there is no step) and your little children can shower as well.
  • Design radiator: a designer radiator is really great for your bathroom. It is in fact a radiator (heating) and towels rack in one. Of course in a beautiful version.

Bathroom redesign tips for a child-friendly bathroom

Below are some tips to grow your bathroom in such a way that it is very child-friendly:

  • Low entry for the bath.
  • Purchase a temperature limiter for the tap so that your child can not open the hot tap. Think for example of a thermostat.
  • Place an anti-slip mat in (baby) bath and in the shower to safely shower with baby or child.
  • Store shampoo, medicines, toothpaste, cleaning agents and the like in high cabinets or lockable cabinets

Stop dust during renovation

The most annoying thing about renovating a bathroom, besides having noise, is the enormous amount of dust that is released. Dust is everywhere and sometimes you can spend weeks cleaning the fabric. If you have employed professionals for the job, ask them to put down dust screens and also place mobile dust extraction. You can also shield everything with plastic, the disadvantage is that you can not easily enter and exit the room.

Hang a large wet sheet in front of the door, which catches the most dust. You can still enter the room. What also helps is often just vacuuming with an industrial vacuum cleaner, you can rent it at hardware stores. Do not use your own vacuum cleaner because afterwards you will not be able to clean it properly and the chances are that it is completely blocked.

Temporarily living somewhere else with the baby

If you are going to rebuild your bathroom and your baby is already born, then it may well be worth considering to temporarily live somewhere else with the baby. For a baby, especially a newborn baby, rest, cleanliness and regularity is very important. With a renovation you can forget about peace and cleanliness. Also, all the dust that is released is not good for your little one.

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