Often urinating during pregnancy

Often urinating during pregnancy is something that almost every pregnant woman suffers from. It may seem pretty innocent, but it can certainly be annoying. Especially if you have to go out for the fifth time at night. In this blog you can read what causes it and how you can make sure that you have to go to the toilet a little less often if you are pregnant.

Pregnant peeing from when?

Often urinating during pregnancy starts when you are six weeks pregnant. It is therefore one of the first pregnancy symptoms. That you have to urinate more often will remain your entire pregnancy.

It is therefore not much less in the second trimester because one of the causes of frequent urination during pregnancy is that you have 50% more blood in your body. This gives you more fluid and you have to urinate more often. Your entire pregnancy will have more blood in your body. In the third trimester you may have to urinate even more often because your little baby presses on your bladder.

Lots of urination pregnancy symptom

Peeing often during pregnancy is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy because it occurs early in pregnancy. Women who did not know they were pregnant at first sometimes notice that they have to urinate a lot that something has changed. At first it may not seem like a very troublesome incident of the pregnancy, but you will come back to that later. Especially when you can not make a long car trip without having to go to the bathroom, or at night to get out of bed again at night to urinate.

Unfortunately, there is not much to do about it. Think of it as good exercises for broken nights and remember that it is a good sign that everything in your body is working properly.

Cause many urinate pregnant

There are several causes that cause you to urinate frequently during pregnancy. First of all, our good friends are responsible for the pregnancy hormones and especially the hCG hormone. For this reason, this pregnancy symptom occurs early in the pregnancy.

If there is more of the hCG hormone in your body, your kidneys get a higher blood supply. This gives them more moisture to process and you have to urinate more often.
In addition, your kidneys work more efficiently during the pregnancy, so you are more likely to sit on the toilet. Other causes are:

  • The amount of blood in your body increases by 50%. More blood is more fluid in your body. Your kidneys must therefore process extra fluids. This moisture ends up in your bladder.
  • In the first trimester your uterus grows against your bladder. This gives your bladder less space to store urine. After the first trimester your uterus will grow up and you will suffer less from this.
  • In the last weeks of your pregnancy, your baby is pressing your bladder more and more so that you also have to go to the toilet more often.

Tips for less frequent urination during pregnancy

Unfortunately, there is no special means or method to ensure that you do not have to go to the bathroom that often. What you certainly should not do is drink a little. Drinking enough (1.5 to 2 liters per day) is very important during pregnancy. So keep doing this. What you can do:

  • Do not drink any caffeinated drinks because you have to urinate faster. Caffeine is not drifting moisture. You do not have to pee more of it, but you have to urinate more quickly.
  • Do not try to go at any pressure, but save it up a little.
  • Drink more than in the evening during the day. If you want to sit less on the toilet at night, it is best to stop drinking the hour before you go to sleep.
  • Lean forward while urinating so that you can completely empty your bladder.

Often urinate pregnant or bladder inflammation?

That you often have to pee during pregnancy is something you can go from anyway. That's part of it. In addition, it can also happen that you develop a bladder infection during your pregnancy. Especially in the beginning and at the end of the pregnancy, bladder inflammation can develop.

One of the best known symptoms is: often urinating. But often you have to pee during pregnancy anyway. It is therefore sometimes difficult to determine whether you have a bladder infection, or just have to urinate often. Pay attention to the following symptoms, because it is wise to treat a bladder infection:

  • You have a constant urge to urinate, even if you have just been.
  • If you urinate, only small bits will come out.
  • You feel pain in your lower abdomen.
  • You may feel pain while urinating, although some of the pregnant women do not feel this pain.
  • The urine is cloudy or there is some blood in it.
  • Your urine smells different.

If you have a bladder infection or if you suspect that you have one, try to drink a lot so that you can 'rinse' properly. Sometimes this can help to reduce bladder inflammation. Also contact your doctor.

Urinary loss without you wanting it!

As if often going to the toilet is not enough, it can also happen that you accidentally lose small amounts of urine. For example by coughing, sneezing or laughing. But even during exercise it can happen that you lose some urine. This is also called pregnancy incontinence.

Pregnancy incontinence is most prevalent in the third trimester. It is mainly caused by the pressure of your uterus on your bladder. As your muscles relax in your body, and therefore your pelvic floor muscles and the sphincter muscles, you can not always stop the urine well.
What helps against this incontinence is to train your pelvic floor muscles from the beginning of your pregnancy.

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