Development baby 7 weeks old

When you baby 7 weeks old is he or she can focus better and better. To further stimulate the development of your 7-week baby, it is good to focus on your child's vision. Have your baby follow an object or do a game with hugs. That is not only good for the vision of your baby, but also for your mutual bond.
In this blog more information about the development baby 7 weeks old.

In short, in a 7 week old baby:

  • The hands are opening more and more.
  • Your baby can focus the eye more.
  • Your baby needs fewer feeds.
  • Mother can slowly start to exercise again.
  • Much tired, do not feel like it, cry a lot? You may have a postnatal depression.

The development baby 7 weeks old

Your baby is moving more and more and can also keep the limbs under control. You can probably see that your baby is more relaxed. For example, the legs have been pulled out less far and the hands are less often clenched into fists. Such a hand is very interesting for your baby. He or she will therefore increasingly admire them because where do they come from? Your baby can now hold the head up a little longer, but it will not be more than a few seconds.

  • Training of the muscles

    That lying all the time is of course not conducive to the development of the muscles. That is why it is good that you stimulate your baby to use the muscles. You can do this by regularly placing your baby on the belly. Make sure that you can monitor properly and do not let your baby fall asleep on the belly. If you put your baby on the belly a few times a day, he or she can train the neck muscles.

  • Feed less often

    If you first have to conjure up your chest or the bottles every 2 to 3 hours, it will be a little less often now. Okay, it may save an hour, but at least you have slightly longer 'breaks'. You probably also noticed that your baby sleeps a bit longer between meals through the night. And that means: also more sleep for you and your partner.

  • Thumbs or teat?

    When your baby is younger than 6 months, he or she has a huge suction need. That's a good thing because your baby needs good 'suction capacities' to get milk from the breast or bottle. Sometimes this need is so strong that your baby wants to suck something after feeding. Here the teat or the own thumb offers a solution.

    Thumbs is very normal for babies and is good for the development of the jaws and the feeling in the mouth. But if your baby is older than 6 months, sucking no longer has a function. It is best to learn the thumbs or the use of a pacifier before your child is 1 year old. But since that is an almost impossible task, you can postpone that from experts until your child is 4 to 5 years old.

How are mom, dad or parents?

If you feel more comfortable again, you could start the fight against the pregnancy silos as of this week. Women who have had a natural birth may start to sweat again 6 weeks after the birth. Women who have delivered their baby through caesarean section have to wait 8 weeks.

Before you put on your sports suit it is important that you have your doctor's or midwife's approval. If you have approval then you can start with fitness like cardio starting this week. You can work up a sweat in the powerhouse and you can dance, yoga, pilates, swim, cycle or cycle and ride (note your stitches).

Heavy interval or HIIT training, snowboarding, bootcamp and other intensive and dangerous sports should be avoided until your baby is at least 3 months old.

  • How is your state of mind?

    Did you feel a terrible resistance while reading the above part about sports? Are you tired, do you feel anxious, do you cry a lot and do you really do not feel like it? And have you experienced these feelings for a few weeks? You may suffer from post-natal depression. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and is quite common. So do not be ashamed of yourself and try to help yourself. You and your family have a lot more to do with that.


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Tip of the week with a baby 7 weeks old

  • Are you going to exercise? Excellent! Always listen to your body. The most important thing now is to start, you do not have to push your boundaries and you want to lose weight.
  • Burden of depression? Search the internet for fellow sufferers, there are enough! You really are not the only one.

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