Lose weight after delivery

You would be a true miracle if, after giving birth, you are already back on weight again. Almost every woman arrives during pregnancy partly because of those fine hormones and through a different eating and sleeping pattern. Most women want to lose that extra baggage again soon. Then there is only one difficult task: lose weight after delivery. Read here how you can safely lose weight and what you can try if the weight loss after childbirth does not work.

Lose weight after delivery hormones

After delivery, your hormones need time to regain balance. Do not go to diet right after your birth, that is not healthy and does not help either. The first 6 weeks your body really despairs so that your hormones can get a bit in balance again. After this, it can take another six months or longer before you really are yourself again. Some women even have the bad luck (or sometimes just luck) that their body is permanently changed after the pregnancy.

Responsible weight loss after pregnancy

After giving birth it is important that you give your body time to recover. Do not go on a diet right away, but try to eat healthy. This means that you can leave salt, saturated fats and fast carbohydrates (sugars) the best. Choose instead vegetable fats, fiber-rich products such as vegetables, fruit and wholemeal grains and enough water.

It is also very good for your body to immediately start moving, such as gentle walking. The first 6 weeks you are not allowed to exercise, you can start walking slowly. Read more about sports after pregnancy here.

Lose weight after caesarean delivery

Women who have had a caesarean should recover physically for longer. In addition, you may very little in the first weeks. So take it easy and follow the advice of the doctors. In most cases, you can move a little more after 8 weeks, but do not start until you have received your doctor's approval.
Also for weight loss after Caesarean section, you should pay attention to your diet and allow sugars and saturated fats to stand better.

Believe it or not but you can also lose weight too much after the birth!

Too much weight loss after delivery

You would think that it is ideal: a lot of weight loss after delivery, but that is not the case for every woman. It often happens that women lose too much after giving birth. Always go to your doctor to discuss this and write down what you eat in a day. That can already help very well to gain more insight. Possible causes for the fact that you lose a lot after delivery:

  • To breastfeed:

    Some women can lose weight very quickly because they are breastfeeding. When you breastfeed, you burn about 500 kilocalories every day.

  • Postnatal depression:

    Do you notice that you can not enjoy your little baby, you are tired and have negative thoughts? Do you also have no appetite? Then it can be a postnatal depression. Please go to your doctor so that you can possibly be referred.

  • Fast thyroid gland:

    Sometimes it can happen that your thyroid gland starts to work faster after the pregnancy and therefore you lose weight. If you have blood punctured by your doctor, this can be traced.

Lose weight after pregnancy does not work!

Have you been trying to lose weight for months and have not succeeded? Do you also no longer breast feed? Then try a Protein diet. If you follow this diet according to the 4 steps, the chances are very high that you will lose weight after giving birth.

The beauty of the diet is that after losing weight you slowly learn to eat healthy so that the weight remains off. Because you get a lot of proteins during the diet, your muscle mass is not lost and you have less hunger. This makes it easier to sustain. So it is definitely worth a try.

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