17 June Father's Day: Time to surprise new dad with these gift ideas

If new dad and mom your life is suddenly largely dominated by the small one. Together you enjoy what you have put in the world for beautiful things, and that is how it is heard as parents. But what you as parents do not have to forget is yourself and each other. And that is why Mother's Day (this year was 13 May) and Father's Day (Sunday, June 17) are great moments to appreciate each other as mom and dad. Some nice, original gift ideas for your male, who is now daddy for the first time. Here we go!

Gift ideas for Father's Day, for the new dad!

  • Happy Socks!

    Totally hip now. Happy socks! Cheerful, colorful but especially hip socks for contemporary men. Does that fit with yours? Then this is definitely a nice idea. Do you think the idea of ​​giving socks a bit boring? Beautiful boxer shorts or shirts can of course always. Every man is happy about clothing!

  • Fire basket

    Which man does not like fikkie now? Do you have a garden? Then buy a fire bowl or fire basket in the garden. Really a mannending and you also have something on it every now and then. Nice and warm and very cozy. Where can you find them? Take a look at Kwantum, for example.

  • A BBQ

    A barbeque. Also a real mannending. Just like fire pits. Do you like to eat your husband in the garden? And baking and roasting? Then buy a nice BBQ! Do you find a Green Egg too expensive? They regularly sell replicas at stores such as Xenos or even Lidl. Just as beautiful, but much less expensive!

All-time favorite gift ideas for him

Is not the gift for your new daddy between them and have you also cracked all your brains? Then just give an all-time favorite gift. By that we mean a shaving set, a perfume, a nice shower gel, a nice beer package, beer glasses from his favorite beer brand, and so on. Not very original, but always good.

It is ultimately about the gesture. Sounds cliché, but is of course really true!

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