Roos writes: Do you give your toddler a mobile?

Little by little, we are all becoming more 'mobile'. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Although I am strict against the fact that someone is watching his mobile while eating or in company, I must honestly say that I am also guilty of this. We just can not get out of it. Instead of staring for yourself when you have to wait, we all look at our mobile. At first it was mainly the adults who produced a sort of cell phone cell, now that the cell phones can be more and smaller, the target group is getting younger and younger. What's next? Do you give your toddler a mobile?

Do you give your toddler a mobile? Or would you rather wait a few years?

Elderly and adults with mobile

The moment in our lives that we buy or receive a mobile shifts further and further. My parents bought a mobile phone when they were 70 in the late 60s. Anyway, they were very late too. In addition, my parents are not 'digital' at all and do not really go with the times with electronic devices. But that aside.

When the first portable telephone cabinets (mobile phones) were designed, it was only the adults who had them. Absolutely no children. And besides that, the function of a telephone was, however surprising it seems: to call. Nothing else. Texting was possible at some point, but you did 10 years. Especially about a word like 'independent' you had to press those numbers for a long time before you had the right letter. Do you remember that? Almost impossible to imagine anyway ?!

A mobile to ... oh yeah ... call

Soon teenagers also got a mobile. I got my first mobile phone after a long whine in high school. Compared to now, a mobile was still reasonably innocent. I was already happy that at one point a phone with color screen came out. That was the newest of the newest! But otherwise you mainly did something with that mobile which is nowadays secondary: calling. No photos, watching movies or whatsapps.

Primary school children with mobile

Now that the mobile phones are more like a portable computer, they are also much more interesting for younger children. I have a nephew of 10 and a niece of 8 and they both already have a cell phone. According to my sister, that is 'very normal' at primary school. Somewhere I understand. Children of that age can already communicate digitally and go more often independently with friends. Then a mobile can be useful.

Although I wonder why those kids immediately have to have an iPhone or a reasonably new smartphone. It is about calling? That is the reason?

Why do those kids have to be able to take photos and place them on their Instagram account? Because yes, even children in primary school sometimes have an Instagram account. Meanwhile, the government finds it necessary to develop a program that will alert children and, especially young people, to not distribute photos to the wrong people.

Do you give your toddler a mobile? Or is that nonsense for children of such a young age?

Preschoolers with mobile ?!

But it can be even crazier! In the Netherlands, a few hundred preschoolers have been spotted with a smartphone! I expect that this number will only continue to grow and that worries me a lot. What, for God's sake, should toddlers call with a smartphone except perhaps? But why should they call? Is not that superfluous because you or another adult are often a few hundred meters away?

Are we going to a time in which instead of children playing and screaming in the schoolyard, we see children who are just looking at their screen? Or the verb 'play' will not be more than looking at Peppa Pig on the smartphone.

If you do not watch out, your toddler's first question will be when you walk through the gates of the Efteling: 'Is there wifi here?'

I do not think about it and hope that parents think a little longer before giving a mobile to their toddler or child. This is part of the upbringing, what do you think? Do you give your toddler a mobile?

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