Week 16 and 17: Is it a boy or girl?

This week we have our sex determination and we know if it is a boy or girl! In addition, I have learned a wise lesson about parenting: you have to be prepared for everything.

Sex determination: Is it a boy or girl?

The week has started great. My husband and I have had an ultrasound to see what the gender of our baby is. At 08.00 in the morning we had to be at the midwifery practice. What did I say exciting. I would now know if I would have a little girl or a boy! It really does not matter to me. I think it's really important that our baby will be healthy.

Previously I always thought that parents said that while secretly hoping for a boy or a girl. But now I know that parents really mean this. I especially like that I have an ultrasound so that I can see my baby again, that I can see the heart beat and see him or her move. The last echo is already four weeks ago and that really seems like an eternity. I am already happy that my husband and I were doing a pretecho so that I do not have to wait a total of 8 weeks for the next ultrasound: (20 weeks ultrasound).

"As long as I see the heart beat and know that everything is fine, I think it's really fine," I said to my husband. But of course I am very curious about the gender.


We are the first of that day. That is clear. I lay down and the midwife rubbed the echo head over my stomach, while my husband and I were watching a black screen. I was still wondering if this was perhaps the intention. That she first went to see the sex and that we would soon see a penis or vagina in the picture, with garlands and balloons. Maybe a strange way, but well: you never know.

Meanwhile, the midwife was already chatting: "Ah yes, look, that's already there. I see the hands and feet here. What nice say '. Meanwhile, we saw nothing. "We have a black screen here," my husband said, while I was still waiting for the big revelation. "Oh," the midwife exclaimed. 'How stupid! Yes, you get that on the Monday morning. I had already seen a beating heart. ' With those words, I immediately felt that I came to rest. The heart was right, he or she is still alive.

The images of our child

The screen went on and we saw our child. It still remains a bit strange. Sometimes it looks like a small creature in a cage. I find it strange anyway that something like this is growing in me. The midwife went up and down with the ultrasound and told what she saw and how well everything looked. Beautiful open hands, head looked good, two kidneys, a filled stomach. "It's a girl," she murmured between the lists.
Huh, what did she say? Was it a girl? It did not get through to me immediately. With my husband, he squeezed my hand and showed a radiant smile.

"Is it a girl?" I asked for certainty. 'Yes' said the midwife 'It is clearly a girl'.

A girl! We get a daughter! I was super happy, because the name we already have for our girl I like so much! But I would have been just as happy if it was a boy. "Now we can finally buy something for our girl," I said to my husband. Our attic, which in the meantime is becoming fuller with baby stuff, is full of things we have received.
My husband and I had not bought anything yet! So after the ultrasound we drove straight to a baby store and we bought three super cute clothes. What delicious say. I have the feeling that everything will really start now (or have I said that before?). Now we can get started with the nursery and I can go shopping for my own little girl, even though we are going to get loads of clothes from my sister. What delicious say.

So much that I do not know yet

This week I went on a maternity visit with my best friend. She had taken her daughter from over one year old. We first had to drive an hour and a quarter of an hour before we were in Delft. I have discovered in that hour that there are also annoying sides to parenting. And that you always have to be unwise if you go out with your child. There is so much unknown to me. I know that I want children, but when I think of children I do not think of my little daughter who pokes the whole Maxi-Cosi in the back of the car and sadly gazes at me.

We heard the tidal wave of porridge coming out above our conversation. Startled we looked back and there she was, with big sad eyes she stared at us. A full bottle of 250 ml vomit flowed over her clothes, the maxi cosi and almost in my husband's expensive lease car. "I have no clean clothes with me!" My friend exclaimed. In my head I made a mental note: 'Always bring clean clothes when you go on the road'. And that is probably one of those 80 things that you as a parent have to be prepared for and that I have no idea of.

Until my own daughter throws a bottle on the way to an appointment. Then I will learn in the fairly hard way that you have to bring clean clothes and wipes. Fortunately, I have learned this lesson through my girlfriend, for which I am very grateful to her and especially her daughter.

Have you ever experienced such a thing? Or did you have another rather uncomfortable moment with your child that you immediately learned from? Share it so that I can learn something from it too!

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