Robin already more than 2 months old

In the meantime, Robin is already 10 weeks old. The days go past me like a haze, the only difference is that Robin increases in weight and height and I (fortunately) take a little off again. Furthermore, I have no idea of โ€‹โ€‹time and I would believe on Monday that it is Friday. I get to know my little girl better and I have already experienced the first jump.


People have already indicated that the days fly by when you have children, and I now notice that this is really true. I often do not know what day it is and on Friday I suddenly realize that almost a week has passed.

It is nice that I am still on my maternity leave and thinking is not yet a requirement. Currently it is still impossible to store information in that sieve of a brain.

I forget everything, even the deliciously whipped milk that I had prepared for myself.

Only a day (or was it longer ?!) later, when I wanted to whip milk again, I found the milk that had already been whipped up. Even though it had become more of a crazy and sour whipped cream than milk.

I forget to take all forms to the clinic or I have the wrong one with me. Also something is missing in my diaper bag by default and going out with Robin is a very clumsy business for me.
I think I'll be busy for 10 minutes to get Robin, maxi cosi, pram and diaper bag in or out of the car. In the meantime I run up and down and I do not know what I was doing half the time. Recognizable?

Then just cry

On some days I'm more involved with Robin because she does not have her day. When I finally have my breakfast (often I do that while feeding) and look at the clock, I see that almost half a day has passed. Yet I refuse to let my life be completely determined by Robin. I love her, but I do not forget myself.

I sometimes read blogs from young mothers who have to conclude at the end of the day that they have not eaten anything yet. I take that into account, because for my own health and for the fact that I am breastfeeding, it remains important to also think about yourself.

Then she cries for a while as I prepare my breakfast. Then she cries for a while as I cook the food. And then she cries for a moment while I quickly jump in the shower. It can not run Robin every second of the day. Incidentally, the first month was the case, until my mother said to me:
"Roosje, she might be crying. In fact, it is good that she sometimes cries a moment. '

Gee yes, I thought, she may indeed sometimes just cry. As long as she is not upset and she does not cry because she is hungry or a full diaper.

Terror hours with Robin

Every evening our small bundle continues to change into a bundle of terror, which is not over it yet. Every night we know when it is 7 pm, because then she is crying again, she wants to drink every time and nothing is good. Luckily she does not cry in one piece, but she wants a lot of attention all the time.

Alternately, my husband and I are busy with her, until we are both done with it. Then we put her upstairs in her bed and let her 'run out' for 10 minutes to a quarter of an hour. If we go to pick her up later she always looks super surprised and also a bit bewildered. As if she thinks: 'have you left me alone for a while now ?!'

To prevent her from being alone again, she is quite sweet after her moment of outraising and she no longer cries. It is now part of our evening ritual: first with her hopbags, then let it run for a while, let it drink and then go to bed together. In bed she sucks something of 5 minutes on daddy's little finger and then the eyes slowly close. These beautiful eyes remain closed for about 4 to 5 hours and then they report again.

The nights are so peaceful and we feel blessed with them. I therefore take that two hours in the evening for granted.

Our sunbeam!

Maybe it seems that our bundle is crying, but that is totally untrue. Apart from the hours in the evening, where she is a bit sad but not constantly crying, it is a nice and sweet baby.

She has been laughing at me for more than a week. And this time it is not a convulsion or a laugh asleep, but she smiles sincerely at her mother. Sometimes even without my best efforts. But more often I hang over my child for 10 minutes and I stuff the most nonsense in an octave that is 20 times higher than my normal voice. In the past I never thought I would, but yes: everything to get a little laugh.

Because once I get a radiant smile from my child, then I am the happiest woman on earth.

I am already in seventh heaven when the smile is accompanied by a small, approving sound. What a wonderful moment that is!

On the pink cloud

Besides the smile, there are more times that I am so overflowing with love that I feel that I am bursting. Anyway when Robin sleeps, she is really too cute. But also when she is awake and is stretching extensively. My husband always thinks that is the most adorable moment. Or when she is staring at me with her big eyes, when she 'watches' TV, when she touches her chin under her chin and even when she moans during the squeezing I find her unwise adorable.

In that respect, I am sometimes still on a pink cloud. And these moments, the less pleasant moments also make more than acceptable. Also now. At this moment she is in her jump. Also such a term that I had never heard before.

When babies are in a jump, they make a big development mentally.This growth ensures that they are a little bit more hangery and weepy for a while. That is exactly what Robin now has. At first I did not know what was going on until a friend of mine explained it. It's nice to know this, because then I know what to do better. And more importantly: that it is temporary!

A real baby

Recently I was watching photos of Robin just after the birth. What a huge difference! She is no longer that little thin premature hour.

In the last 10 weeks she went from 1870 grams to 4350 grams. Spooklegs have made way for tasty bacon legs with those delicious folds. Her thin face has a fine double chin and lovely round cheeks. And her hands and arms are also provided with a good layer of bacon. It does not only increase in fat, also in length. She is now almost in size 56 and is about 54 centimeters long.

Robin is starting to change more and more into a real baby and she can also do something more every week. On the one hand, I would like her to be a little older so that she is relieved of the colic and needs less nutrients.
But on the other hand, I can also enjoy our little baby.

Such a sweet little person, so innocent and beautiful. That is why I cherish every moment with all my heart.

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