Quit smoking tips before or during pregnancy?

It is probably not news for you: smoking during pregnancy is not good for your baby and for you. Actually, smoking is very bad anyway. You have probably tried unsuccessfully several times, but you feel that you will never succeed. But you will have to stop sometime, so why not now? Millions of women have successfully passed you, so that means you can do it too! Read our here stop smoking tips.

Smoking during the first trimester of pregnancy

Some women think it is less bad to smoke during the first trimester of pregnancy, but nothing is further from the truth. It is precisely during those first weeks that your baby's organs are developed and smoking can get in the way of this development.

In addition, the risk of miscarriage is already higher in the first trimester (1 in 10 women) and if you smoke, this chance is even higher (1.5 to 3 in 10 women). When smoking during pregnancy, you inhale 4000 chemicals with 40 cigarettes each of which 40 are carcinogenic. Subsequently, these substances end up in your blood and so do your baby. Also in those first weeks of pregnancy.

It is never too late to stop smoking

Do not stop because you are already in your pregnancy is not a reason not to do it. Every cigarette is harmful. The harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and nicotine are also released from your body quite quickly. Your child will then quickly no longer suffer from these substances which is always better than continuing to paffen.

Some women do not want to stop because they think that the stress of stopping is more harmful than smoking. That is not true, smoking is always worse and the stress of stopping is only temporary.

When to stop smoking during your pregnancy?

It is best to stop at the moment you are trying to become pregnant. This way the harmful substances are quickly removed from your body. If you have not succeeded or if you are unexpectedly pregnant, then you should stop immediately. The organs are created in the first 12 weeks. Immediately stopping is therefore better for the development of your child.

Dangers of smoking during pregnancy

  • Increased chance of a cleft lip or clubfoot;
  • Less good development of the organs of your baby;
  • Greater chance of miscarriage;
  • Larger chance of a premature birth with the possibility of incompletely developed lungs and digestive system. In addition, your baby is more prone to infections and the risk of brain damage is greater;
  • Lower weight during the birth so your baby is weaker.

Stop smoking tips!

We will be honest about it: stopping smoking during pregnancy or your pregnancy will certainly not be easy. Below are some stopping smoking tips:

  • Make a list with the reasons for stopping;
  • Make a list with the benefits of quitting smoking, for your baby and for yourself;
  • Inform your environment that you are going to stop and ask for support;
  • Does your partner smoke? Ask him or her to stop too;
  • Think of an activity where you can use your hands like a stress ball;
  • Do a lot of exercise and enjoy the fact that you have more air and are really healthier;
  • Save a lot of healthy snacks such as tomatoes and carrots and buy chewing gum or tins;
  • Avoid places where you are confronted with smoking;
  • Determine your stop date and prepare for it;
  • Find a few good apps that can help you, there are plenty that have worked for many people;
  • Clear up everything you remember about smoking;
  • Put aside the money you save now and buy something nice for yourself every so often;
  • Keep believing in your self;
  • Use nicotine patches for support.

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