Nice ideas to tell you that you are pregnant!

You are pregnant! That is of course great news that you want to scream from the rooftops. Yet many women wait a while for the announcement of this fantastic news until the chances of a miscarriage have decreased considerably. That will be a very heavy period of much on your lip biting, your partner extra fed because he also has to drink your drinks and avoids dinners because you only need to gag at the smell. To make this lingering period a little more fun, we have here nice ideas to tell you that you are pregnant. Can you concentrate on that already!

6 original ways to tell you are pregnant

  1. Tell you that you are pregnant with a photo

    A picture sometimes says more than 1000 words, so this is a nice way to announce your pregnancy. And besides that you have a nice excuse for a nice photo shoot. For example, you can take a picture of your feet with a pair of baby shoes. Or how about a nice picture of your child wearing a shirt with the text: 'I get a brother or sister' or 'no longer any child'. A picture of the echo is also always fun. Need more ideas? Take a look at this page!

  2. Special wine label

    A very original way to you announce pregnancy is to give a wine with a special wine label. The wine label says that you get a child, how unique is that ?! Nobody really expects that! You can order the wine label here.

  3. Send an old-fashioned card

    Who does not like to have a nice card in the mailbox, and especially if the card contains the announcement of your pregnancy! For example, look at hip birth announcements or Kaartje2go for fun cards. Even more fun: make your own card!

  4. Print a shirt

    Of course you can never have enough clothes. Print a garment with a nice text that indicates that you are pregnant. For example: 'Hollands next top mama.' You can also have a shirt or sweater printed for your parents with the text 'the coolest grandfather / grandmother' and give it as a gift.

  5. Pregnancy tail

    Will you soon have a coffee with your parents? Then tell your wonderful news with a pregnancy cake or with cupcakes. You can of course get started with baking, but of course you can also order it. Maybe your local baker can help you further. If this does not work then you always have the internet. View this page if you want to design your own cake. Here they also have nice pregnancy cakes. If you google on 'pregnancy tails' you will find more nice websites.

  6. Say it on a mug

    Secretly everyone wants to have their own cup, so why not print one for your brothers, sisters or parents with a personal text on it. Like 'I have the coolest grandma'. Let's see how long it takes before they realize it. Even better: press the text 'I am pregnant' at the bottom of the cup. Incidentally, you can print everything nowadays. Also think of key rings, pens, phone cases and so on.

Do you know any nice ways to tell you that you are pregnant? Let us know

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