Pick out birth announcements? Read a few useful tips here!

I know the sex of my child, I know when my daughter is about to come and I already have the name. Therefore, I could not resist to pay a little bit of attention to it find birth announcements. And I can tell you: there are many nice options! One birth announcement is even better than the other, and the possibilities are great. In this blog you can read what kind of birth announcements there are. And I can tell you: finding this out is really fun pastime.

When to pick birth announcements?

I am now 20 weeks pregnant and I know: it is still quite early for finding birth announcements, but I could not resist. You can just start out by selecting the birth announcements. Of course, you can order the tickets just after birth. It is useful if you prepare the birth announcements for about 4 to 5 weeks before your due date so that you only have to enter the birth data after birth.

Before you order dozens of tickets, it is wise to first request a proof print. Then you can see if the quality is good and everything is well on the card. You can also have the card changed before you finally order it.

Do you want to send a birth announcement with a nice photo of your child? Well, you can not of course prepare them a few weeks in advance. That does not matter. Although according to etiquette you have to send birth announcements 2 days after birth, that is really not the rule. Nobody will blame you if you send birth announcements a few weeks later. Your recovery is of course much more important. No pressure!

Handle from the types of birth announcements

When you are looking for birth announcements, you will discover that there are so many types of birth announcements you can choose from. So you can choose ready-made birth announcement card (and there are already many choices available), but you can also design your own card or put a picture of the most beautiful child in the world (your child, of course) on the card.

To make a selection you can look at the styles that are available. So you have classic, cool, vintage, original, adventurous or trendy birth announcements. If you choose a style in advance, then you have already made a good selection. My husband and I tend to look for some cooler cards for our daughter. So I came to Koningkaart soon on this cute, but also tough birth announcement with leather and wood, really mega unique. This is definitely an option!

Who will receive a birth announcement from you?

Before you order the birth announcements, it is useful to think of who will receive a birth announcement. I had not even thought about that myself until a friend said to me: "I found it hard to decide to whom to send the card." Then I thought: damn yes, to whom? I will put this list of people together when I am on maternity leave. Fortunately I got married half a year ago and I can use that address list nicely. With almost all websites with birth announcements you can order the envelopes in advance. Then you can write it in advance.

Design birth announcements

I have to be honest: the only thing I'm a bit creative about is writing, but not at all in all other things. That way I can not draw, tinker or make something fun on the computer. So I will choose a birth announcement that is already ready-made.
Are you creative then you can also easily design your own birth announcement with Koningkaart, then you can be sure that you have an original and special birth announcement!

Your birth card with extra

I love it when I have something different than others. Do you want that too, then you can choose extras during the birth announcement. For example, think of super cute stickers that you can stick on the envelopes. You immediately save a lot of 'lick work'.

For the ladies who love some tinkering, you also have birth announcements with labels.

These are separate separate cards (labels) that you can make on the birth announcements with a string. Super unique and original! You can write the date or text on the label cards, but you can also opt for the first photo shot of your son or daughter!

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