Ovulation symptoms: Recognize that ovulation is coming

In addition to other ways of determining whether ovulation is coming, there are also women who suffer from recurrent ovulation symptoms or ovulation complaints around their ovulation every month. This is very useful to be aware of this. These symptoms or complaints often do not say anything about the actual moment of ovulation. But this ovulation symptoms give only an indication that your ovulation is coming or has just been.

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Ovulation symptoms or ovulation complaints

Ovulation or ovulation is the moment that the ovaries release a mature egg cell. If this egg is fertilized at that moment you are pregnant. The period just before and during ovulation are your fertile days.
Why are you already fertile for ovulation? Sperm cells are able to survive a few days in a woman's body. So if you have had sex before your ovulation, you can still become pregnant.

Some women can recognize their fertile days because they feel the moment of their ovulation. They recognize the following ovulation characteristics or physical complaints and thus know that ovulation comes at the moment they:

  • Have a little bit of blood loss in the middle of a cycle;
  • Feel pain around the ovaries;
  • More meaning to make love;
  • Slightly swollen labia and vulva have;
  • Have a swollen feeling in the abdomen;
  • Hold more moisture than usual;
  • Have more energy;
  • Have stronger sense of smell, sight and taste;
  • Have a more sensitive skin and breasts;
  • Have painful breasts and nipples.

Can you recognize the physical complaints during ovulation when your fertile days are?

Ovulation pain

There is also something like ovulation pain. This is different for every woman. It can be a kind of dull pain in the entire abdominal area. This is caused by the growth of different follicles in the ovaries. You feel this ovulation pain throughout your stomach because the follicles usually grow in both ovaries.

You can also feel a sharp pain on one side. This could be the moment that the follicle bursts and the egg cell is released. So the actual ovulation. In addition, you can get cramp which is probably caused by the fluid that is released during ovulation.

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