When are you fertile?

When are you fertile? is something many women want to know. From the moment a girl is first on her period she can become pregnant theoretically. Yet a woman only lives a few days a month fertile is. So it is useful to know when you are fertile? Learn to recognize your fertile days and which days are they exactly?

Fruitful period of woman

The fertility of a woman is determined by a number of factors. The most obvious factors are age, health and hormonal balance. A woman is born with a fixed number of egg cells, about 2 million.
Do not be alarmed, most of them will already have disappeared by the time you hit puberty. There will only be approx. 400 of these oocytes ripen and release. The others will perish and will never get the chance to get fertilized.

Ovulation and ovulation

Those 400 oocytes that mature and released are the potential babies. Approximately 20 oocytes ripen in your body each month, the exact time until maturation depends on your cycle length. One of them will be released and will make the trip to your womb in the hope of encountering a sperm that can fertilize her. This only happens if you have unprotected sex. This is called when the egg cell is released ovulation.

When are you fertile?

From a few days before ovulation or ovulation, you are fertile. Your body then makes it possible for sperm cells to penetrate into the uterus and fallopian tubes. Sperm cells can easily swim around for two days in the female body, making you fertile the days before your ovulation. So you can get pregnant just after the menstruation.

It is therefore wise, if you do not know exactly when you are ovulating, to have the day off if you want to become pregnant. In this way you do not 'miss' your ovulation and there are always some sperm cells around to fertilize an egg. A precise answer to the question, when are you fertile is no longer necessary.

The ovum, on the other hand, does not live longer than 24 hours, of which only the first 12 hours the egg is of good quality. It is therefore not wise to wait until the day of your ovulation with lovemaking. There is a good chance that the sperm cells will arrive late for proper fertilization.

Fertilization egg cell film

Even if you release at the right time, there is a chance that many sperm do not survive before they can fertilize the egg. The body of the woman defends herself against these invaders. That is beautiful to see in this video in which the sperm of the man have it heavy on their way to the egg cell.

When are you fertile? You can find more information about fertility of the woman and man here

Even if you are menstruating you can become pregnant or become pregnant, you are simply fertile during menstruation. Do not listen to myths but rely on reliable information and on your common sense. Also read the article about tricks to become pregnant, in which we mention some other tips.

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