This way you improve the fertility (of your husband)!

Improve fertility? In the beginning you are not so busy with it and you muddle a bit. Well, muddling ... I'm just saying that because I've heard other women say that.
They said when they first started with children: 'Well, in the beginning we did not take it very seriously, but we simply left out the condom and all other contraceptives. We would see if it would succeed '.
I thought that was pretty clever, because from the start I was already planning my sexual escapades with my agenda and 'Period Calender'. Call me crazy.

Anyway, in the beginning you are a little less desperate, let me just call it that. Then you do your best together with your partner and hope you do not get a period of time a few weeks later. But as the months progress, the nonchalant attitude disappears like snow in the sun.

Instead of you thinking 'Hey, I'm having my period again. Unfortunately we did not succeed. Better next time '. You think after half a year. "Hey,% $ * $% & $ * another period. Did not the% * $ #% succeed again ?! " Maybe you recognize it?
So what are you going to do? Looking for ways to ensure that it will succeed. And that is, indeed, improving your fertility.

An example of fertility

Now your own fertility improvement is not that difficult. At least not if you have something for it. You have it completely in control. For example, I had stopped smoking, I exercised regularly and I had lost a few pounds so that I had a healthy weight. In addition, I ate completely according to the nutrition center booklet: many whole grain products, 2 pieces of fruit a day, lots of vegetables, little saturated fat, almost no sugar, weekly oily fish, only lean proteins etc. Super healthy! No, with my fertility it was good in my eyes.
Now the fertility of my husband.

Quality of seed

My husband is really a man. A guy. Almost the stereotypical man who just does not chop wood every evening in the barn. Such a guy. And the last thing a guy wants to hear is that you have any doubts about his quality of seed. No no. That is really taboo! It almost feels like a slap in the face for these guys. Or a fist, because they are men.

So because I did not want a discussion and I did not want to hear that I just have no patience (which is painfully true) I decided to secretly do it.

Because, as I read somewhere, in 1 in 3 couples where it is not possible to get pregnant within one year, it depends on the quality of the seed!

Yes, you read that right! And I did not say that a second time. And so I went to do this ...

Sex with regularity

First of all, I tried to plan our bed scenes so that we had regular sex, especially around my fertile period. Because, as I read, saving seed does not seem to be such a good idea because there are too many dead sperm cells in the kwakkie. But having too much sex is not good either. So a good middle-class is about 36 hours between the sex moments. So every day and then a bit of 3 times a week. Then the soldiers of my husband were in perfect condition.

No semi-dead army left in the tent, but all new fresh soldiers who could enter the battle in the womb.

Tight boxer shorts 'lost' in the laundry

Now, fortunately, my husband does not have so many tight boxershorts, but the one he had was 'lost'. I often lose socks, pens and even a bra once, so this was not even so unlikely. Tight boxer shorts ensure that the temperature below will rise and that the sperm cells of your partner are not so pleasant. As a result, the quality can deteriorate and this is not desirable as being improve fertility the goal is right?

Do you want a man to the sauna. Think of an excuse!

Besides tight boxer shorts, you can also make sure that your partner does not visit a sauna or bathe for a long time. Do you want to go to the sauna, say that you can not or that there is a salmonella outbreak! Because these high temperatures will not improve his fertility.

Improve fertility? Put him on a diet!

I have not bought his favorite chocolate for weeks. Because: 'they no longer have them at the AH. So weird!' And he also believes it, because he never goes to the AH. In that respect very handy. Because he never cooks, I have complete freedom here. So also my husband has been eating a lot of vegetables, lean meat or fish, little fat, no sauces and wholegrain cereals for some time. And you know what: he likes it too!

Watch what you say! No stress!

Stress is also a serious seed killer. So try to count to 10 to avoid eruptions and try to gauge the mood of your guy. My husband had a lot of stress at work, so what was I? Exactly: an oasis of peace. Tasty cooking for him (without fat), collecting his cola when we were sitting on the couch (without sugar of course), keeping everything clean and tidy, not nagging (okay, almost not) and letting him go for it.

And in this way he has the feeling that he has everything super under control, he feels relaxed, amazingly healthy and fit, lots of space in his boxer shorts and he also has sex from 3 times a week. If that does not boost the quality of the seeds, then it is certainly not up to me.

What have you done to boost your fertility or that of your partner? All tips are welcome!

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