Increase fertility through nutrition

In daily life we ​​take a lot of things to ourselves of which we are not aware that they can influence our fertility. Nutrition and fertility often go hand in hand. If you are trying to conceive, you want to be pregnant as soon as possible. To increase the chances of a pregnancy, it is wise to look at your lifestyle and diet. Maybe you can temporarily leave something and you can increase fertility by adjusting nutrition. Fostering your fertility is therefore possible.
Let's take a look at the different foods and habits:

Nutrition and fertility: Tea, coffee and caffeine

Caffeine ensures that water is extracted from the body and that cortisol is produced. Cortisol enters the battle with the fertility hormones, causing them to decrease in quantity. With a caffeine use of more than 4 cups / glass per day, it can take up to 50% longer to get pregnant. In addition, caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight and pregnancy toxicity.

Caffeine use in men leads to an increased risk of early birth. It is therefore important to replace coffee, black tea, cola and energy drinks with other types of drinks. Black tea also contains caffeine, but to a much lesser extent and is therefore much less harmful. Better still is herbal tea.
Caffeine is easiest to omit from your daily diet and it is useful to start with this to increase fertility.

Fertility and Smoking

Smoking ensures that important nutrients and minerals are extracted from the body. In addition, it increases a number of harmful substances in the blood. Tobacco smoke contains at least 30 substances that inhibit fertility. In addition, smoking slows down cell division, making it in a whole early stage of a pregnancy is disastrous can be for the unborn child.

There are a number of facts known about smokers. Smokers are more often infertile, have an irregular cycle or a cycle without ovulation. They also take longer to get pregnant and are more likely to have a miscarriage. In addition, they are more likely to have children with a low birth weight.

If you need help and tips to stop smoking during pregnancy, we have written a valuable article about this.

Smoking men are more likely to have problems with seed production. They have fewer sperm cells, their sperm cells are less mobile and they have more sperm cells with abnormalities. A smoking man is therefore more likely to have children with a congenital abnormality or health problems such as asthma. It is therefore advisable to stop smoking before you start trying to become pregnant.

Increase fertility through nutrition: less alcohol!

If you try to conceive, a single glass of alcohol in the first half of your cycle will not hurt you. Yet there are great benefits for not drinking alcohol at all. Research has shown that women who drink less than five units of alcohol per week, have twice the chance of pregnancy as women who drink more.
Even a small amount as two units per week already has a negative impact on your hormone balance. It can significantly reduce your fertility.

Alcohol in men also has clear negative effects on the fertility of the man. No wonder 80% of alcoholics are infertile or impotent. Alcohol ensures that not only the quality but also the quantity of the seed deteriorates. It can lead to chromosome aberrations in your future baby and can thwart the male hormone system. These consequences in the man are reversible. After three months of no alcohol, the quality and quantity of the sperm is already much better.

Increase fertility: Watch medication and drugs

Drugs and becoming pregnant, being pregnant and babies do not go together. The effects of drugs on an unborn child are indescribable. So let drugs lie absolutely if you want to get pregnant. Not only does it affect fertility, it also ensures that your child will have a difficult start.

Fertility and the influence of medicines

If you want to become pregnant and you are taking medication then it is wise to discuss this with your doctor. He can immediately see which of the medicines prescribed by him are harmful to your fertility or to the unborn child. He will then check whether alternatives are available or that you can stop taking the medication.

Freely available drugs can also be harmful. It is therefore wise to check with medicines that are freely available and to consult the package leaflet carefully before use. If in doubt always ask a doctor.
So is Ibuprofen for example, an inhibitor of ovulation with frequent use. It is therefore better to take a paracetamol if necessary. Means that you need to be careful with are anti-acne, painkillers, antibiotics, antidepressants, antihistamines, fluid drivers, steroids, anti-dizziness and anti-malarial drugs.

Increasing fertility through food may take some effort, but did you know that there are more factors that influence fertility?

Increase opportunities to become pregnant

You can do the increase fertility through nutrition to adjust. Unhealthy eating is always bad, but if you are trying to get pregnant, it is doubly bad.Unsaturated fats that are heated in excess of 100 degrees Celsius (such as frying, barbecuing and grilling) cause harmful substances in your body that can damage the egg cells. Use olive oil for cooking. Also be careful with the amount of salt. You can also leave light drinks better. In these drinks the sugar has been replaced by the sweetener Aspertaam. During digestion it gets warmer than 30 degrees (it takes your body heat) and then poisonous substances are released.

When you read this article, it seems like you can not have anything more that you like when you want to get pregnant. It is not that bad again nutrition and fertility have a lot of influence on each other. Be aware of what you eat and that will certainly help you if you want to become pregnant. Increasing your fertility through food is not that difficult, but it may take some effort to pay attention to it.

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