Car seat belt during pregnancy: What many women do not know!

Driving and being pregnant how is that? Car driving and wearing the seatbelt during pregnancy does not pose a danger to your baby. After all, your baby is comfortable in the amniotic fluid and this provides a nice cushion if you have an accident.
But still there are things that you have to take into account when you drive with a big belly. Because research has shown that over 60% of pregnant women wear the seat belt in the wrong way!

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Wear the seat belt incorrectly during pregnancy

Because the seat belt is becoming more and more uncomfortable, you might consider not wearing any more belt at all, or just putting on the lap belt. However, in case of an accident there is 5 times more risk of your baby's death if you do NOT wear a belt!

The wearing of a three-point harness is also mandatory for pregnant women since 2006. Research has shown that there is no danger for the unborn child. The seat belt could only be a little unpleasant for the mother.

But watch out: If you wear the seat belt in the wrong way during pregnancy, your unborn baby is at risk!

Car seat belt during pregnancy

Wearing a seat belt and getting pregnant is fine if you stick to a few rules. Wearing the seat belt during pregnancy must therefore be done in the following way:

  • The lap belt must run under your belly, over your hip!
  • The chest belt runs over your shoulder (not in your neck), between your breasts, along the side of your stomach. This belt must NOT run over your belly.
  • Always tighten the belt

Car seat belt for pregnant women

There is a special belt for pregnant women so that with sudden braking NO pressure is exerted on your pregnant belly. Besides that your baby in the car is no longer in danger, the system also ensures that the seat belt is nicer and less irritating. It prevents you from wearing the seat belt incorrectly as a pregnant woman!

Indispensable for all pregnant women!

This belt guide for pregnant women ensures that the lap belt is guided underneath the belly and therefore also stays there. There are two brands that supply this special belt guide for pregnant women: Besafe and Bellysafe.

Until when can you drive a car when you are pregnant?

So there are no rules for this and you can continue to drive until before you give birth. It is of course not wise to make long car trips at the end of your pregnancy. Make sure that you take enough breaks and that you take into account the inconveniences of the pregnancy such as nausea, dizziness and your big belly making driving difficult.

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