How can you treat pregnancy acne?

The first 3 months of your pregnancy will not be fun. You can suffer from morning sickness, sensitive or painful breasts and to make it worse: pregnancy acne! It does not matter whether you always had a cool skin or not; everyone can get a pregnancy acne. Every year, hundreds of pregnant women are deprived. Do you want pregnancy acne and prevent? Then read this blog with our tips and tricks.

Pregnancy acne cause

The thickened one, you thought of being rid of the pimples, they are now sprouting like mushrooms. Pregnancy acne can occur on your face, neck, back, arms, neckline and even your legs. The degree of acne is different for each woman. Some women can suffer from it and even experience skin problems. If this is the case, you can contact your doctor.

Pregnancy acne is caused by the pregnancy hormones and in particular by the hormone progesterone. This hormone causes the sebaceous glands to become more active and produce more sebum. This in combination with dead skin cells forms an ideal breeding ground for bacteria responsible for acne.

When does pregnancy acne disappear?

Pregnancy acne usually appears in the first 3 months of pregnancy. In those months the pregnancy hormones are screaming through your body. If you get acne in these months, it may be that it decreases again when you end up in the second trimester. But if this is unfortunately not the case then you do not have to worry. You are not stuck to the acne for the rest of your life, after the birth it will gradually disappear.

What to do against pregnancy acne?

It is not very easy how you can treat pregnancy acne. It is caused by the hormones and you can not switch them off. Also, remedies and medications against acne are quite aggressive and can therefore be harmful to the baby. So let yourself be well informed before you start to smear everything on your face, take pills or undergo expensive treatments. What else you can do with pregnancy acne:

  • Clean well with mild cleaning products without alcohol. If necessary, look at products on a natural basis.
  • Never and never scratch and try to resist the temptation to squeeze out pimples.
  • Do not use a scrub, this will only damage the skin more.
  • Try to use as little make-up as possible. It is important to give your skin a rest and not to lubricate with a layer of makeup. If you want to cover it anyway, opt for makeup that does not contain alcohol and is suitable for sensitive skin. If necessary, ask for advice.

Prevent pregnancy acne

Unfortunately, there is no miracle remedy that can prevent acne. At least not something that has been scientifically proven. So we are not sure if the tips below will actually help, but yes ... not shot is always wrong.

Incidentally, the tips below against pregnancy acne are always good to follow, especially when you are pregnant. They help your body to function optimally which may also help against other pregnancy ailments.

  • Drink a lot

    Drinking plenty of water is always good for the skin. Therefore, make sure that you get at least 1.5 liters of liquid, the largest part of which is water. Try to keep sweet drinks like fruit juices, lemonade or soft drinks as much as possible. The skin does not get better from sugar anyway.
    Chamomile tea can possibly help against nausea and is also a great tea to drink during pregnancy because it does not contain caffeine.

  • food

    Good skin care starts from the inside. Therefore, make sure you eat healthy. Some vitamins contain substances that are good for our skin, such as vitamins B2, B3, biotin and vitamin C. These vitamins are found in vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, fish and meat. If you eat healthy and varied, you will soon get enough of these vitamins.
    Do you want to be sure that you eat well? Then take a look at the website of the nutrition center. You can best avoid fatty, salty and sugar-rich products.

Treat pregnancy acne, treat yourself!

Do you suffer from pregnancy acne, then you can treat yourself best. After all, you are already heavy enough. And maybe these pampering tips help to treat the pregnancy acne. If that is not the case then you can at least enjoy and your skin well cared for. Here our pregnancy acne to-do list:

  • Visit to the beautician. Too expensive? At Groupon they regularly have very attractive offers.
  • Visit a skin therapist and let him treat your pregnancy acne. There may be a lot of costs involved here.
  • Use face masks against acne, for example a mask of green clay.
  • Turn half the product line of Biodermal or Dr van der Hoog. These Dutch brands produce face care products that are all fragrance free and very caring. At the most famous drug stores in the Netherlands these brands are very often on offer. Of course you can also pamper yourself with other care products without alcohol.
  • Try Moroccan Argan oil: this 100% natural oil seems to be very good for your skin. We do not know if it really works, but you can always try it.

Pregnancy acne after delivery

The very best way to handle effective pregnancy acne is to give birth. After giving birth, the pregnancy hormones slowly move out of your body.Do not expect to wake up with a radiant skin the day after your birth, it can take a few weeks. But the skin you had before your pregnancy, you will get back again anyway!

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