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The closer you get to the due date, the more you will get your baby finally in your arms. That is why the last few steps of your pregnancy can sometimes weigh considerably. Especially if you have passed the 40 weeks of pregnancy but still do not have a baby. When you have 42 weeks on it, the hospital takes action and they go the induce childbirth. But for those 42 weeks you will still have to sit it out.

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Generate childbirth: 6 Tips to induce the contractions yourself

Of course you can also choose to take matters into your own hands by naturally stimulating the birth. There are a number of tricks and tips with which you can raise the delivery. Although none of these tricks is scientifically proven to really work, it can sometimes give that extra push.
And when you've really had it, of course you try everything to make sure that you can press your baby against you as quickly as possible. Incidentally, none of these tricks or tips to provoke the contractions can harm you.

  1. Keep moving

    Although you may feel lame and have little energy, it is really good for your body to always keep moving. So also towards the end of your pregnancy. An additional advantage is that movement can stimulate contractions after which gravity can do its job. Of course you do not have to travel for miles, but a walk or a bike ride every day is enough.

  2. Making childbirth with sex

    Maybe it is not immediately something you feel like, but sex during pregnancy can ensure that your birth starts sooner and in 2 ways. First, sperm contains the hormone prostaglandin. This hormone can induce labor.
    Second, an orgasm causes your uterus to contract. Since your uterus does the same thing during delivery, it may help to get your uterus going. Create a nice atmosphere and let yourself be pampered!

  3. Foot reflex massage

    In your body you have a number of so-called pressure points that can potentially induce labor because these points are connected to your uterus. One of those points is on the inside of your feet. Massage your foot 2 centimeters under and behind the ankle bobbin. You can also ask your partner to give you a wonderful massage. After all, you have earned that! And maybe you will automatically end up at the second point of this list!

  4. Spicy food

    There are people who claim that spicy food can induce labor. This food can cause your intestines to move which may cause your uterus to move too.

  5. Eating pineapple and drinking tonic

    In the heart of a pineapple and in tonic or bitter lemon the substance is quinine. It is possible that this substance stimulates your body to give birth. Quinine will only have an effect if you get a lot of it.

  6. Harvest childbirth through nipple stimulation

    When you like it, milk production is stimulated. For that reason, it is sometimes thought that the opposite may also work: you stimulate your nipples to stimulate childbirth. By stimulating your nipples (massaging or sucking) oxytocin is produced and this substance can induce labor.

Do you know any other ways you can raise the birth? Let us know and we will add your tip to this article.

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