What do you have to prepare at home for after the birth?

Basically you have 9 months to prepare yourself for the arrival of your little one. But still you get a little stress in the last few months. Have you already got everything inside? Are you really ready for the delivery and are you ready for after delivery? Think of your flight bag, the baby stakeout list and everything you need to recover as well as possible. So much what you have to think about! But: if we help each other, then we really get out! So mothers who have already had a birth: help!

Make sure these things are ready for after the birth around 37 weeks

If you are 37 weeks pregnant, the delivery is very close. It can actually happen every week! Make sure that you have arranged everything in or for this week.
The main points:

  1. Maternity package

    This package contains important items that maternity care uses during or after delivery. If you are additionally insured, then chances are that you will receive the maternity package from your health insurer (or request one). If you are not insured for additional insurance, just ask for it. If it is not reimbursed, you can order a maternity package online at the pharmacy or home care store.

  2. Bed raisers

    Bedsteads are needed for a home birth and your maternity period. You always need them. You can buy or rent bed boosters here.

  3. Crib put together

  4. Flight case

    Even if you like it at home it is very wise to have a flight case ready from the 37th week of your pregnancy. This includes for yourself: clean and comfortable clothing and underwear, bathrobe, insurance card, telephone, identity card, something to eat as a snack. For your baby: romper, pants, shirt, socks, jacket and hat. Read more about your flight bag or flight case here.

What are you ready for during the home birth?

Have you opted for a home birth, then it is wise to also prepare the following:

  • Maternity package
  • Make sure there is sufficient space around your bed
  • Table where the midwifery can put things
  • Two buckets with a garbage bag
  • 2 jugs that you can fill with boiling water
  • Hydrophilic diapers
  • Provide good lighting and an extra stable lamp

What did you prepare for after the birth?

The above points are some general things that you have to be ready for after the birth, but I know that there are experienced mothers who have a few great additions to this. Of those supplements that you can only have if you have already given birth. So: what did you have or did you prepare for after the birth?

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