Dress your baby in cold weather

Soon it will be autumn again and this means that the temperatures will decrease more and more. The summer clothing goes to the attic and the winter clothing is brought out again. You know how to dress yourself in the winter, but you also know how it goes with one baby dress up in cold weather? No worries! We are going to give you important tips so you know how to dress a baby in the winter and he is warm!

Dress newborn baby

Do you get a winter child? Then pay attention to the tips below so that you can protect your little newborn baby from the cold:

  • In the first week, a newborn baby always needs a cap because he or she can not yet control the temperature.
  • After a week it is not necessary to always wear a cap, but when you go outside!
  • Dress your baby warm the first few days with at least: A romper with long sleeves, pants, cardigan and possibly a jacket.
  • If your baby is 1 week old, you can dress your baby according to normal guidelines.
  • Always feel in the neck of your baby whether it feels comfortable, warm, clammy or cold.
  • Do not go outside with your newborn baby in cold weather, your child can not handle it properly.

Dress baby in cold weather indoors

With cold temperatures it is wise to put multiple layers on your child. Better multiple layers, then 1 thick layer. Layers can be pulled out quickly if your baby is too hot or an extra layer if your baby is too cold.

The rule of thumb for a baby to dress in cold weather: Pull your baby the same number of layers you have, but always 1 layer extra.

If you want to dress a baby in the winter, you can best choose for long-sleeved rompers. Over there a shirt with long sleeves. If it is very cold you can put a sweater or cardigan over it. Pants made of terry or fleece are always wonderfully warm. In addition, make sure that your baby always wears socks and possibly also slippers.

With the baby outside when it freezes

Are you going to get a (good) fresh nose with your child in the winter? Then put your baby as many layers as you have on and then one more layer. Always put a warm hat on the head that also covers the ears and put on your baby gloves. The baby's neck can become cold very quickly. Therefore, make sure that this is always made up for example by a good coat or a scarf.

In addition, it is good to apply a greasy cream (not water-based) on the face of your baby. This ensures that the skin does not dry out and in addition it offers protection against the wind.

Baby warm in bed

The clothing at night depends on the type of sleeping bag or blanket. In any case, do not put your little baby under a duvet. Duvets increase the risk of suffocation.

In addition, always make sure that your baby is not too hot. A common mistake is that parents dress their baby extra warm in cold weather, but that is dangerous and is associated with cot death. You can dress your baby a bit too cold than too hot. Babies will react faster to cold than to heat. If you hear your baby crying from the cold, you can always use an extra blanket. But always keep checking the neck so that you immediately feel whether your baby is still cold or not.

At night you can opt for a lined sleeping bag, a romper and possibly a pajama. Does your child have it too hot? Then take an extra blanket. There are also special winter sleeping bags. Pay attention to these sleeping bags that you do not dress your baby too warmly. Always check the body temperature of your baby in the neck. Hands and feet can quickly become cold and are not a good indicator.

Other tips for nice and warm sleep:

  • Older babies (after a week) do not need a hat in bed.
  • Use a sleeping bag without sleeves or sleeves that you can zip off. If the child is too hot, you can switch easier.
  • Take care of many layers. A thin sleeping bag with extra blanket is better than one thick sleeping bag.
  • If your baby has very cold hands, do some socks over it.
  • A pajama does not need to be worn in the first weeks, your baby can simply be in the clothes of the day (of course without a thick cardigan).

So you have to dress a baby in cold weather. But how can you keep your baby at temperature during heat?

What do babies do in the pram?

Do you want to go outside with your child? Here are some tips for getting your baby dressed in cold weather outside:

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