Safe with the car home from the hospital after delivery!

Most people may not immediately think about it, who think until delivery and otherwise not. But do you know what to expect after the birth of your baby? How do you safely go home from the hospital with the car after delivery for example? Have you already thought about that? We do! We met this question a lot. Like mothers who do not have a car or mothers who suddenly wonder if they can or should drive after they have put their child on the world. Here you will find the answer safely with the car home from the hospital after delivery.

Childbirth in the hospital no car

Would you like to give birth in the hospital but do not have a car, then you will still have to arrange a taxi. Or, better still, ask family, friends or people from the neighborhood if they want to make their car available. Now it is sometimes quite difficult to plan when you exactly give birth, so try to keep the margins wide.

It is unfortunately not possible to drive with the midwife to the hospital. Most will not allow this because they are not insured for you. If there is no one in your area who could bring you, ask your midwife if they know a taxi company that other ladies have good experiences with. Most taxi drivers also transport pregnant ladies who are about to give birth.

Transport delivery

When you decide to give birth in the hospital, you have to arrange transport yourself. Only when there is a medical need and you have to go to the hospital because of complications, an ambulance will be sent and this will probably be reimbursed. If you call an ambulance yourself without a high need, you can count on a high bill afterwards.

This way you can safely go home from the hospital with the car after delivery!

Baby transport in car maxi cosi

Safe with the car home from the hospital after delivery can be fine with your newborn baby. But then you are obliged to have a maxi cosi in the car. You absolutely can not sit with your baby on the arm in the back seat. So make sure you buy a maxi cosi or other baby car seat suitable for newborn babies and that you take them to the hospital.
Attach the seat against the direction of travel, preferably in the back seat, especially if you have front airbags. Read here tips to buy a car seat.

What do you take with a hospital delivery?

A flight bag is a bag that you have already prepared in case the delivery starts and you have to go to the hospital.

Care taxi for after delivery

There are so-called health care taxis in the Netherlands. A ride in these taxis is reimbursed by the health insurer.
In general, a care taxi is mainly intended for people undergoing kidney dialysis, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. For people with a visual handicap or people who are wheelchair dependent. In some situations, it may happen that others may also use the health care taxi, although the likelihood that women who have just given birth may also fall within that target group. To find out, you can contact your health care provider, who has the redemptive answer.

Go home yourself after the birth

If you have just brought a baby to the world, it may not be very convenient to step into the car and drive home yourself. Even if you feel reasonably good.
Getting home safely from the hospital after delivery is better if you let someone else drive. Especially if you have had medication or pain relief you may be somewhat blurred. So always try to have someone with you or arrange a taxi. Make sure you have a car seat or maxi cosi!

If you still want to try it, please consult the gynecologist or midwife if this is sensible. Probably the answer is: 'no'. If you have had a cesarean section, you are not allowed to drive. Sometimes you have to wait 4 to 6 weeks before you get in the car yourself. Having someone with you is always wise.

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