Ibuprofen during pregnancy

Not every pregnancy is about roses. It will therefore rather than prevent you from getting a burden of various ailments. Think of headaches or back complaints. Ibuprofen is a strong painkiller, or actually: anti-inflammatory, which can relieve your symptoms. But is ibuprofen during pregnancy well allowed? Read more about using ibuprofen here if you are pregnant.

Ibuprofen and pregnant

Is ibuprofen sensible during pregnancy? The answer to this is: no. Especially in the second half of your pregnancy it is strongly advised not to swallow ibuprofen because it can be harmful to your baby.

This increases the risk of congenital abnormalities and can cause heart defects. Ibuprofen can also give problems during childbirth because, for example, it causes labor pain. In the beginning of pregnancy, ibuprofen may increase the risk of miscarriage.

Now of course you do not have to panic immediately if you accidentally take an ibuprofen during pregnancy. As long as it remains in use with one-time ibuprofen, there is nothing to worry about. Do you have a lot of pain complaints for which you normally got ibuprofen prescribed by your doctor, ask your doctor what you can now best take. Do this as soon as you know you are expecting.

Can you take ibuprofen during pregnancy? Better not to do it!

Ibuprofen 600 mg pregnancy

Ibuprofen is better not taken during pregnancy, especially not the higher dose of 600 mg. This dosage is not available at the drugstore.
If you have 600 mg tablets or powder in your home, you have always received this from the GP for certain complaints. Do you know that you are pregnant, then it is wise to ask your doctor if you can continue with the ibuprofen or that it is better to switch to something else.
In most cases your doctor will advise you to take something else, since ibuprofen may have adverse effects during pregnancy.

Anti-inflammatory during pregnancy

Ibuprofen falls under NSAIDs, along with naproxen, diclofenac, advil and nurofen. NSAIDs are anti-inflammatory painkillers. Often these are used when paracetamol no longer works well. Just like ibuprofen, you can also avoid the other NSAIDs during pregnancy.
If it is really necessary, you can only use ibrufen in the first and second trimester on strict indication of the general practitioner and then as briefly as possible. You can not really use them in the third trimester. If you suffer from aches, it is better to take paracetamol if you are pregnant.

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