16 weeks pregnant

In the meantime you have a small avocado in your stomach and your baby is 15 centimeters in size with a weight of 120 grams. Women who 16 weeks pregnant often have a beautiful glow of pregnancy that makes you look radiant and beautiful. Take those pounds you arrive so just for granted, because that is part of it.

Light and dark and sounds

Your baby can distinguish light and dark from the moment you are 16 weeks pregnant. The eyelids are still closed, but your baby can see the difference. You can compare it with what you see when you have your eyes closed. If, for example, the lights come on while you were in the dark, you can notice that difference.

Your baby can now also hear sounds and now learns your voice and that of your partner. If you are talking to your child now, he or she can hear you!

16 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

Increased risk of cystitis

Your uterus is now your 16 weeks pregnant as big as a small melon and can push your bladder aside. This means you have to urinate more often and it can also prevent some urine from remaining in your bladder. Older urine can cause inflammation during your pregnancy because you have more nutrients in your urine. If you are very bothered by a bladder infection, contact your doctor. Read more about a bladder infection during pregnancy here.

16 weeks pregnant, change in hormones

If you are 16 weeks pregnant, you have almost no hCG hormones in your body. These have been replaced by progesterone. This hormone has the ability to make your body a bit softer. The result is that your intestines become weak and work less well. Your stools will be slightly harder because it will stay in your gut longer. Keep healthy and varied food and make sure you get enough fiber. That way you can prevent hemorrhoids.

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