If you can not get pregnant, have a lot of sex!

Getting pregnant, with some couples it goes fast and in others it seems to last forever before they are pregnant. Are you trying to get pregnant, but do not want to run like that? Sometimes the solution is very simple: have a lot of sex! Read more about causes that may cause you to fail and what you can try first before taking a step to a fertility clinic.

Getting pregnant sex!

We do not really want to hear it, but become pregnant just takes time. We sometimes forget this sometimes. Usually we remember the stories of people where it was immediately hit. And in addition, we are also misled by films or television series. It seems that everyone can just become pregnant and then it is often an accident too. In reality it is less rosy. Fertility experts indicate that couples can take a year to become pregnant and in doing so, having sex is essential!

The point we often encounter is the fact that we are busy and also a little impatient. Trying a few months seems like an eternity and you can quickly feel that something is wrong. That is also the reason why many couples already call at too early. Before you do this, it is important that you first look critically at your efforts in recent times. How consistent have you been with sexual intercourse?

Why does pregnancy take so long?

The reason that some couples who do not have fertility problems do not get pregnant quickly is actually very simple: they have too little sex! As we said before, pregnancy takes time and you definitely have to do something for it. It happens regularly that couples have too little sex. Or that the partner, for example, is always abroad during ovulation. Then of course it will not work.
But vice versa does not always work. If you only have sex during ovulation, there is also a big chance that you will not succeed. This is partly because ovulation can not be planned well.

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Are you already pregnant?

Another reason why pregnancy continues to be social reasons. For example, consider the pressure of your environment. As soon as people know that you are trying to become pregnant, you can often expect questions. "Are you already pregnant?" Gosh, it takes a long time? "
Because of these questions and this pressure, you yourself also think that it indeed takes a long time. This can also cause stress, causing you to have forced and spasmodic sex. This also does not always help, especially when you let your pregnancy become your life. Then not only your environment puts pressure on you, but you yourself too.

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When will you be pregnant the fastest?

The advice of experts is actually quite simple, but effective: be patient and take your time. Getting pregnant is a miracle and you may want to spend some time here. So never assume that you are pregnant within a few months. That also takes some pressure away. Try to stay relaxed and make sure that you regularly have sex and not just once during ovulation.
Every day sexual intercourse seems to be most effective. So get started!

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