Nesting rate during pregnancy

Do you feel uneasy and do you prefer to clean all day, buy baby clothes and clean up? Perhaps you are then dealing with nesting grade! Nesting grade is increasingly common in the second trimester and has a peak in the third trimester for delivery. Do you have that cleaning urge? What is stopping you? Give it a nice shot, because after the birth you really do not feel like it anymore!

What is nesting grade?

Nesting is a very healthy urge to make your house completely clean and on hand before your baby comes. This manifests itself in the scrubbing of each mm2, the need to paint all the walls and completely loose with shopping all the necessities for the baby.

Science can not actually record exactly where the nesting priority is coming from. They say it's because of the hormones, but what hormones, they do not know. The fact remains that many pregnant women have to deal with it. In addition to potentially causing the hormones to snuggle, it is also a wonderful primal instinct!

Very early, when we had no modern society, but lived in a cave and were covered with animal skins, then nesting was a necessity. After all, it was a lot less safe with predators lurking and the women could not even buy a cradle for their baby. So they had to get started to prepare their stay so that the baby could be born safely and warmly. Everything was cleaned, materials were collected to do a bed and a place for the delivery.

Nowadays we do not have to make a cradle of reeds, but it is very nice if your house is completely on hand when your baby comes. In fact, we should be happy with the nesting grade, because it ensures that you get energy to get started. It is a beautiful phenomenon, because despite the fact that many women in the third trimester are very tired, they do have the energy to clean the house, make the baby room ready and have everything in house. Super convenient, that nesting grade ?!

Brushing and pregnant

Can you actually brush if you are pregnant? The answer is: yes of course! As long as you feel good and do not get dizzy, you get palpitations or hard bellies, it's all fine. So always keep listening to your body and regularly read a break to rest and have a drink.

Cleaning products during pregnancy

If you are cleaning during your pregnancy, it is not a good idea to inhale ammonia or turpentine for a while. But that is not good for you anyway. So leave these chemicals aside. Some cleaning products contain fairly aggressive substances, think of pale.

It is best to use these cleaning products as little as possible and if you use them, open the windows and always use cleaning gloves. In order to be sure, read the label whether it can be used during your pregnancy.

Instead of aggressive means like you can also look for natural alternatives that also clean well. That is not only better for your health, but also for the environment. Think for example of green soap, soda, apple vinegar or lemon.

Pregnant and bathroom cleaning

If you have a nesting position, the bathroom must of course also be believed. But often most chemicals are used. Think for example of turned out. Did you know that it is not so necessary to always clean the bathroom and bathroom with pale? This says Milieucentraal. All-purpose cleaners with hot water would be enough according to them. In addition, cleaning vinegar or apple vinegar works very well to remove stubborn limescale.

Mirrors and windows can be cleaned with detergent. If you remove the window afterwards with water and vinegar, you will not have any stripes! In addition to these products, you also have enough products for sale in the supermarket that are not full of 'antibacterial' and 'disinfectant' substances. Because as soon as these words arise, you can assume that there are chlorine and other chemicals. But again: do you want to get started with your bleach: you can do that as long as you wear air and gloves properly.

Nesting tips

If you have a nostrils, just admit that you will remain restless. It can not hurt at all to get your hands off your sleeves and you also burn extra calories with it. But of course you have to take into account that you are pregnant and therefore possibly limited in stooping or have a lesser balance. If you take the tips below into account, it will all work out!

  • Watch out with feces of cats! This can be a parasite that can be harmful to your baby. Take a good look in the garden and do not clean the litter box.
  • Do you want to do jobs? Then pay attention to the paint you use and preferably opt for water-based paint and not on a white spirit base. It is best to leave large painting jobs to your partner. Read this blog about dyeing during pregnancy.
  • Make sure you do not carry too heavy stuff, you can also leave that job to somebody else better.
  • Keep an eye on your budget. Because of the nesting you quickly get tempted to buy too much stuff. Look carefully at the baby stakeout list and purchase only those things that are really necessary. The rest is often unnecessary.
  • It is really not necessary to have a lot of groceries just before your delivery. After the delivery, most women can do their shopping again after a week. And in addition, you can always have the groceries delivered!
  • Always look carefully to ensure that you clean safely and are not able to balance on a dangerous kitchen ladder or ladder. The last thing you want is to fall!
  • Do you suffer from your back? Do you feel stings in your side, or do you feel dizzy? These are all signs to take things a little easier.

Tomorrow there's another day!

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