Sanitary napkins or tampons, what do you use?

The first time I was on my period I used a sanitary napkin. That was roughly 17 years ago. My memory of this first period was mainly the 'blubber feeling' that I got when I got up from my chair after a lesson and everything 'fell out'. Gadverdamme. I found my period to be very dirty and felt anything but sexy (not that I normally felt myself). Sanitary napkins or tampons was not really a choice at first.

This was mainly because the sanitary napkins with the 4 or 5 drops (for the heavy days) had the size of a senior diaper. Sometimes I really had the feeling that it could be seen through my pants. You know it: a diaper can.

The decision was soon made: I switched to tampons. Once I got used to this, I totally did not understand that some people still used sanitary napkins. Tampons were still much nicer? A few years later I found an even better solution: a spiral and through this spiral I did not have to make a choice anymore because I was no longer having a period.

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Get used again after the spiral.

I have had a spiral for more than 10 years. Then I was no longer at all, so I never had to use tampons or sanitary napkins again. Delicious. But to be honest, I sometimes missed it. Although 'missing' is a big word, I sometimes found it nice to know where I was in my cycle.

About 5 months before my marriage I decided to take out my spiral so that I could get more insight into my cycle. Because after the wedding we had to go against it! After a break of more than 10 years I really had to get used again. Do you recognize that? I did not know which tampons I had to use.

The insertion was totally gone and I felt dirty and awkward again. Just like the first time.

It was even so bad that I had to throw away the first two tampons because I did not get them anymore. I really felt like 16 again.

Sanitary napkins or tampons?

Automatically I grabbed the tampons again, because I always used them before. But for some reason I found it incredibly unhygienic to insert the tampon with my finger. When I had my miscarriage, I was not allowed to use tampons anymore and I switched to the sanitary napkin.

And then I thought: that sanitary napkin is not that bad at all.

Okay, that blubber feeling always comes a bit like a shock followed by a small uncomfortable moment, but there are also many advantages. I also found out that in those 10 years the sanitary napkin is heavily pimped so you now no longer have real diapers. I have listed the advantages and disadvantages of sanitary napkins:

Benefits of sanitary napkins:

  • It is more hygienic. Did you know? Sanitary napkins are more hygienic than tampons and therefore also better. Therefore, you should not use tampons after a miscarriage or after delivery.
  • It is less painful. That insertion and pulling out of a tampon does not always painless for me. Especially if the tampon is not completely full. Ouch ...
  • It leaves less confrontational waste behind. I think a tampon looks really dirty.
  • You forget to change so quickly or to bring a sanitary napkin. Every time you have to go to the toilet, your period is pretty 'in your face'.
  • The chance of leakage is therefore also smaller.

Disadvantages of sanitary napkins:

  • I will not recommend you to go for a swim or take a romantic bath with your partner without a 'stop' in it.
  • There is a chance that odors are released. I would try not to come near dogs.
  • Sometimes you still have a bit of a pamper feeling.

Sanitary napkins or tampons? Do you know all the pros and cons?

What do you use? Sanitary napkins or tampons?

It may sound very stupid, but due to my changes from one to the other, I can now say that I am a 'sanitary napkin person'. And now that I have come to this discovery, I am very curious what kind of person you are!

You can compare this question a bit with the question of whether you are a propper or folder of toilet paper at the moment you wipe your buttocks. So say it? Sanitary napkins or tampons? And now that we are working: propper or folder? I am a folder! If a man reads this, he may also answer that last question.

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