A rocking chair with motor: The Nuna LEAF with wind motor unit

A rocking chair is a very nice chair to put your little one in so he can look around and play well. Rocking chairs are available in various types, sizes and prices. If you want a nice bouncer in which your baby is cradled up and down as if your little one is lying on a swirling leaf, the Nuna LEAF is a perfect chair. This rocker is now available with a motor so that your baby can be rocked to dreamland. This bouncer also has a beautiful design and it really does not work in any (modern) interior. Curious? Read more about the Dutch here rocking chair with motor and without.

Nuna Leaf bouncing chair

About Nuna

Nuna is a Dutch company that makes great and practical baby stuff. For Nuna the ideal combination is a combination of practical and beautiful. In addition, all their stuff is incredibly sturdy so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Rocking chair with motor Nuna LEAF wind motor unit

Motor unit for the Leaf

If you are looking for a rocking chair with a motor or perhaps without a motor, then the Nuna LEAF is definitely a good option. The Nuna LEAF wind is not a rocking chair with an engine that you can buy ready-made.

It is a motor unit that you can attach to the Nuna LEAF rocking chair. The Nuna LEAF is the only bouncing chair that rocks your baby like a falling leaf and does not just go up and down.

If you give the Nuna LEAF a little push, the chair automatically rocks for 2 minutes. Then it stops rocking. But if you order the Nuna LEAF wind motor unit, you get a rocking chair with a motor that can rock your child for hours on end. The motor unit can be attached to the baby bouncer with one click and then ensures a continuous gentle swing. As if your baby gently swirls down on a leaf. You can set the engine at 6 speeds.

Difference Nuna LEAF vs LEAF Curv

The Nuna LEAF is a rocking chair that originally does not contain a motor but is therefore available with a motor. Nuna has developed 2 seesaw chairs: the Nuna LEAF and the Nuna LEAF Curv. Both seats have:

  • Certified Oeko-tex fabric and GOTS certified organic cotton inlay, so your baby is delicious.
  • A cotton inlay that is soft and light.
  • The seat is easy to click out of the frame, so you can easily take it with you or store it.
  • Moves 2 minutes after 1 nudge as a falling leaf.
  • No batteries needed or batteries, wires or sound!
  • The chair is easy to secure so that you can feed your baby in the seat or your baby can play.
  • A playbowl, sun canopy and insect net can be set up.
  • Contains a three-point belt with Velcro.
  • The back is breathable which is good for the circulation.
  • To be used from birth to a weight of no less than 60 kilograms!

The nuna leaf curv bouncing chair

But what is the difference now? The Nuna LEAF Curv has a contemporary and chic design that fits perfectly in traditional children's rooms or modern living rooms. The Nuna LEAF also has a nice design, but this is a bit more serene and less contemporary. In addition, the newer Nuna LEAF Curv has an organic cotton inlay instead of 'ordinary' cotton. The insert can be removed so that it is easier to clean.

Nuna LEAF curv experiences

The experiences with the Nuna LEAF curv bouncer with or without motor are both very positive. What is most striking is the design of the seat. Most seesaw seats do not always look nice and clean. That is the case with the Nuna LEAF. This chair is not suitable in any living room, so if you think it is important that the seat fits into your interior, the LEAF is certainly a good option.

Besides a beautifully sleek design, the chair is also very nice for your baby, but also for the older children. One push against the chair and your child is indeed gently rocked back and forth for a few minutes. So there is a good chance that your little one will fall asleep. In principle, a rocking chair with motor is not even necessary, but fortunately you always have this option at Nuna.

The big advantage of these chairs is that the insert can be removed from the seat so you can wash it out. Very useful if your little baby often gives back some mouths. In addition, the seat is very stable and you can also secure it.

The only drawback, or maybe two disadvantages, are that the seat is not adjustable in height. So you can not put your baby right on. And the second disadvantage is that the Nuna LEAF Curv is slightly more expensive than other seesaw seats. On average, the bouncer costs 179 euros.

Nuna Leaf Review

How long can a baby stay in the Nuna LEAF?

The Nuna LEAF has a good base and lying position and therefore the rocking chair with motor and also without motor is suitable for babies of a few weeks old. According to veiligheid.nl it is not wise to put your baby in a bouncing chair or other chair for too long. Especially when your baby is only a few weeks old, your baby should not lie in it for too long.

Later on, it is not good to leave your baby or child in the chair for hours, because it is not good for the development of the motor and spinal column. Your child is then too long in a forced angle position. Children must be able to move freely, so preferably place your child in the playpen or on a play mat when he or she is awake. The bouncer is useful for your baby to look around or to join you at the table.

There are legally no fixed rules for how long you can use a bouncer with a motor or without. Yet there is the advice to keep your child in a sitting position for no more than 2 hours a day.This applies to the duration in the bouncer, but also for the time that your child is in the pram or car seat. For example, if your child has been sitting in the car for a total of half an hour, then your child may sit for another 1.5 hours in, for example, the Nuna LEAF bouncer.

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