Am I pregnant? The story continues!

After I had done the first test, it was days of nail biting and uncertainty. Terrible. As I said last time: if I had not been so sick, I would have assumed that it was not hit. But now I just could not let it go. Really every second of the day I had to restrain myself from not doing another test. In the meantime, by the way, I still did not become ill. After 4 days I could not handle the tension and did a pregnancy test again.

This was the second test. Negative again!

Yes, or if I had to take the test against the sunlight, I might see a tiny and thin line somewhere. But was that a reflection or not? I just threw away the test before looking at it all the time and doing too much of it again.

Pregnancy test number 3!

No less than 16 hours I have been able to keep myself in check for another test. Because yes, listen ... I was just nauseous the whole time. It simply could not be any different! And those # %% W & $% * pregnancy tests simply did not work out at all! So in the morning I did a pregnancy test again. And now I saw a dash. But very vague. I did not know whether I should be happy or throw that test on the ground and completely destroy it. Time to call my mom and daddy. They were immediately cheering on the phone.

'A vague line is a line. So you're just pregnant! " My mother exclaimed, who had been yearning for a new grandchild for 8 years.

'Roosje' The sober voice of my father came 'You do not have to be busy with the pregnancy tests all the time. You still feel pregnant? You have pregnancy symptoms? A test does not say everything. Listen to your body. Your body indicates that you are pregnant. So we can just congratulate you! "
Yet it did not feel that way, I did not know whether I should cheer or not. I kept staring at that cursed vague line. You do not want a vague line on your pregnancy test. You want security, you want a big fat line and preferably an exclamation mark. But I did not have that.

Yet only a fourth pregnancy test!

So in the end I was on my way to the chemist for the 4th time in two weeks with clammy hands in the car. It had not happened to me before to buy just one pregnancy test at a time, but just 3 tests at the same time. So now I was in that car every time. This time I bought this 'Predictor Early' again and I decided to do a test the next morning. With morning urine. And tell me ... Pregnant or not ?!

I am pregnant!!!

I am pregnant!! Hang out the flags! Slide a piece of cake in and pull the champagne open! What a wonderful feeling! The whole day I had a smile from here to Tokyo on my face. When I walked through the supermarket, I had to restrain myself from saying to any person I came across: "Hey, sir, I'm pregnant!" Hey, madam, I'm just pregnant! " So you see, sometimes you just have to rely on your own body I was never sick and my normal sense of smell was not to write home If you notice that this changes at once, you can assume that you are pregnant. Delicious right?

Experience the pregnancy with me

From now on I will share the progress of my pregnancy with you on a weekly basis. How I feel, what I experience, how the echoes go and the controls. For me it will be an exciting and fantastic trip because I have never traveled this trip. This is my first pregnancy. All tips are therefore more than welcome.

Are you pregnant too? I am very curious how it goes with you! Before I finish I have to say the following: at this moment I am already in the pregnancy. I first checked that everything was okay with the small ones and waited until I was out of the biggest danger zone. That time is now over and I think it's great that I can finally tell you about it. In the past few weeks I had written everything down and I will share these pieces with you in the coming weeks. After a few weeks I have shared all older pieces and everything is running synchronously again!

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