Pethidine as pain relief during childbirth

If you would like pain relief during childbirth, you can opt for an epidural or remifentanil, pethidine injection. Pethidine as a pain relief is a morphine-like substance that is predominantly narcotic. You get this pain relief often in the beginning of the birth when you have about 1 or 2 centimeter access.

What is pethidine as pain relief?

During the delivery you can opt for a pethidine injection. This morphine-like substance is injected with a syringe into your thigh or buttock. After half an hour the drug starts to work and the analgesic effect lasts about 2 to 4 hours. If your baby is likely to be born within 2 hours, the doctor will decide not to administer it. The reason for this is that it can endanger the health of your baby.

Operation of pethidine

Pethidine as pain relief during childbirth will relieve the pain, but it does not take away completely. If you notice almost nothing of the product, it is possible in some cases to get a second injection.

Benefits of pethidine

Below are a number of advantages of this method of pain relief during childbirth:

  • It can be administered at any hospital and at any time;
  • A third of the women who receive the drug are satisfied with the analgesic effect;
  • Pethidine can make you sleepy. This gives you the opportunity to take a break from the contractions;
  • The medicine can work in a relaxing way, which can accelerate the digestion.

Disadvantages of pethidine

Disadvantages of this drug can be:

  • It works less quickly than other pain relief during childbirth;
  • Two thirds of the women notice little of the analgesic effect;
  • Because you can become drowsy and drowsy, you experience the birth less consciously;
  • You must stay in bed because you are dazed by the means;
  • The injection can only be given after a CTG (which checks whether the heart of your baby is healthy enough). A CTG lasts half an hour, after which the medicine can only be administered and it takes another half an hour before it works;
  • Because the drug comes into your blood, your baby also becomes drowsy. It is even possible that your baby is less able to breathe properly and needs an injection after birth to breathe better.

Side effects of pethidine as pain relief:

  • You can suffer from it. If you just want to rest and the birth has not actually started, this can be nice. If you have to go to the box, it is sometimes experienced as annoying.
  • Respiratory problems: especially women who have asthma problems may have trouble breathing.
  • Nausea.

Experiences pethidine

The experiences with pethidine great differences occur during the delivery. What many women say is that the drug is especially nice to just relax before you really have to start squeezing. It often happens that women who give birth are very tired because of a bad night's sleep.
Thanks to the pethidine injection they can still relax and even sleep (if a sleeping aid is given) before the birth really starts. The remedy is less pleasant if it works during childbirth because you feel a bit drowsy and you are not completely there anymore.

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