Predict your baby's sex

Are you pregnant? Congratulations! What you might wonder now: Is it a boy or a girl? Unfortunately, you have to wait about 20 weeks for the answer. Or not? There are a lot of 'grandmothers wisdom' that you can use it to predict the sex of your baby you can do without echo. Below are the most common ways to predict the sex of your baby. Do you let us know if it came out?

Predicting your baby's gender: Is it a boy or girl?

It is more than logical that you want to know immediately if you have a boy or girl. You can, after all, organize the baby room and of course enjoy shopping. There are many theories in circulation that claim that you can predict the sex of your baby. It would of course be nice if this was possible, but unfortunately no theory has actually been proven. Of course it is always nice to try to guess the sex!

From when to determine sex baby?

The only way to be 100% sure what the sex is is with the 20 weeks ultrasound. During this ultrasound the sex determination is done.

Can you predict the sex of your baby with these grandmothers wisdoms?

  1. Girls steal your beauty

    A well-known saying is that girls steal your beauty. Do you have smooth, lifeless and dry hair and suffer from acne, pimples or other skin problems? Then you get a girl! Do you have a nice full bunch, a radiant glow and do you feel super attractive? Then it becomes a boy.

  2. How do you carry your baby?

    Do you wear high and on the side, do not wear a waist anymore and do you wear mainly wide? Then you get a little girl. You get a boy if you wear low and forward and your belly is nicely rounded.

  3. Navel and stretch mark

    Are you bothered by your navel and does the stretch mark reach your navel? This points to a girl. No problems with your navel and the stretch mark runs over your navel? You get a son!

  4. Sweet, savory or just morning sickness?

    Are not the chocolate bars to get in and are you mainly interested in sweet food? It is claimed that you get a girl, because girls love sweet food. If you prefer to stuff a pickle or bags of chips in, then your cravings are savory and you get a boy. Do you suffer from morning sickness in your first trimester? Then this could be because you get a girl. But to be honest, this last theory is more likely than correct. Some women are sick to the first baby and in the second they do not have 2 children with the same sex.

  5. Heartbeat test

    Here too there is a theory that says that you can predict the sex of your baby on the basis of the heartbeat. If the heart rate is above 140 beats per minute, you get a girl. If the heart rate is lower than it will be a boy. With this tool you can listen to the heartbeat of your baby.

  6. Sleep position

    If you wake up on your left side, you get a boy. If you are on your right side, you will get a girl. They also say that when you get a girl you are very tired during pregnancy and prefer to sleep. A boy ensures that you have more energy than normal.

  7. The ring test or needle and thread method

    With this test, you can see what the sex is going to with the movements of the ring. Hang a ring on a string. Then you hang it above your belly and try to keep your hand as still as possible. Moves the ring in circles: boy. He waves from front to back: girl.

  8. Chinese baby calendar

    The Chinese conception calendar is a well-known tool for predicting the sex of your baby. First you have to find out in which month the fertilization took place. Then you search that month in the calendar in combination with your age and you see what you are going to get!

Can you influence the sex of your baby?

In theory, it might be possible to influence the gender. The sex of sperm cells (which also determines the sex of your baby) is determined by chromosomes. X is girl, Y is boy.
The female sperm cells are slower than the male sperm cells, but live longer in the womb. So if you want a girl, it is better to have sex a few days before ovulation. The male sperm cells have already taken the lead by the time of ovulation.

Do you prefer a boy? Then dip the bed before and from the ovulation. The male sperm cells are faster therefore will fertilize the egg sooner. Of course it is important that you know when you are ovulating!

What is your experience with predicting the sex of your baby in this way? Knocked with you or were you completely wrong?

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