The fifth disease with your baby or child

Do you see pink red spots all over your child's body at one point? That can be an indication of the fifth disease with your baby or child. In most cases your child does not suffer much from this and after a week to 10 days it goes away again. No reason for panic, but it is always nice to know more about it. Read here what the fifth disease involves in your baby or child, whether it is contagious and what the danger of this disease is for pregnant women. Because for the latter group the disease can have unpleasant consequences.

What is the fifth disease in your baby or child?

The fifth disease in your baby or child is a fairly innocent viral disease caused by the Human Parvoirus. It mainly occurs in children between 4 and 10 years old. Sometimes it can also occur in your baby and even in adults, but they do not get spots, but joint pain. Especially in the months of May and June, the disease is common. It is called an innocent disease because the symptoms are fairly light (spots, light fever) and it automatically changes again.

Symptoms fifth disease

In the first week after the infection, your child may be a bit of a hanger. In the following week your child will get bright red spots on the cheeks or the cheeks will turn red. The spots then spread all over the body and can merge into larger spots. The spots may itch and possibly your child has mild fever and sometimes joint pain.

After a week to 10 days, the spots are gone again. In some cases it can temporarily return for a short time with heat (sunlight or hot bath), cold or effort. But in general everyone gets the disease only once and then you are rid of it. If the spots have disappeared, they will not leave any scars.

Is the fifth disease contagious?

The fifth disease in your baby or child is a mildly contagious disease in the week before the spots become visible. Once the spots are there, it is no longer contagious. The virus of the fifth disease is transmitted via saliva (coughing, talking, sneezing).

Since the disease is contagious at the moment that you do not see anything of it, it is quite difficult to shield your child or yourself from this. If your child is infected, it takes about 2 weeks before you start to see the symptoms. If your child has this viral disease, he or she can simply go to school. At the moment that the spots are visible, the evil has already happened. Your child has already been contagious to others.

Is the fifth disease dangerous if you are pregnant?

The answer here is unfortunately 'yes'. If you become infected with the virus in the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy, you have an increased risk (9-10%) of a miscarriage or a stillborn baby. You can become infected if you have had intensive contact with someone who carries the virus. Consider, for example, the contact with your child who may be infected or contact with other children when you work at a daycare center or a school.

This does not include your child from school where maybe all parvovirus bombs are running around. This contact is so small that you will not be infected. The problem is that you can not protect yourself properly, or you have to live on an uninhabited island for the first 20 weeks.

If you suspect that the fifth disease is going around within your family or the nursery, call the doctor. This can do a blood test with you and possibly also with the family members to determine whether they have antibodies against the disease.

Treatment fifth disease baby and child

There is no treatment for the disease. Since the complaints are not big and it goes away again automatically, a treatment is not necessary. If your child suffers from itching, then you can apply menthol powder to the skin. If your child is ill, a paracetamol can provide relief.

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