Highlights of the second trimester

I am now in the last days of my second trimester. In a few days I am 28 weeks pregnant and starts the last, and therefore third trimester. The last trimester! That feels really good! But before I take the first steps in this last part of the journey, just a brief look back at the path we have taken in the last 27 weeks. Containing the highlights of the second quarter.

Looking back second quarter

I must say that I look back with a good feeling to the second trimester. From week 14 my fatigue and nausea decreased. I remember very well that I was exercising and at one time noticed that it went much better. I felt my energy flow back and I felt myself the 'old' again. I did not even feel like I was pregnant anymore.

In the beginning that was not yet visible: it seemed more like I had arrived. That's why I asked myself all the time: 'When will that pregnancy belly come?' I did not know then that my stomach would increase considerably in size from week 18. Now that I am 28 weeks pregnant, I have to say that he is already pretty big. Some people are already starting to think that I almost like it! And I still have 12 weeks!

So it was okay with that belly. Fortunately, I did not suffer from it during my second trimester. Apart from the fact that I had to go to the toilet more often, I was able to sleep well. I could still exercise 6 mornings a week and I also worked cheerfully 6 days a week, all days. No problem. So yes: had a good second trimester!

The highlights of the second quarter

When I looked crumbled and less happy during my first trimester, my mother reassured me. 'The second trimester starts soon, that's the nicest trimester. Continue a little '. And what made me look forward to the second trimester! Because then I would feel better. And she was right. I felt better and the second trimester is also a nice trimester. During this trimester you will make the most fun things of pregnancy such as:

  • Sex determination ultrasound

    My husband and I wanted to know the sex and preferably as quickly as possible. That is why we planned a gender echo in week 16. Our appointment was at 8.00 in the morning. I was very nervous, I remember that. Although I myself did not have a predictive feeling about sex, I estimated the chances that it was a girl.

    And I was right! It was great to know the sex and it was so special to see that little person! On the way home we immediately stopped at a children's store to store the first clothes. Until today (12 weeks later) these first clothes are still with us in the bedroom. Neatly folded. I find them so cuddly that I can not get over my heart to store them in the attic. Every day I look at it and I can not wait until I see our girl in these clothes.

  • 20 weeks Echo

    Every time I could see our girl, I thought it was a real party. That's why I actually think they should do an ultrasound every month, especially in the months when you can not yet feel your baby. I was always a little worried that something bad would happen. Every time I had an ultrasound, I was somewhat tense. But as soon as I heard the words: "There the heart beats," a burden fell off my shoulders. Also during the 20 weeks ultrasound I found it exciting to hear if she was still alive and especially: if everything was okay.

    During the 20-week ultrasound, they do a small physical examination to see if there are any abnormalities. Pretty exciting! Fortunately, our girl was completely healthy. What a relief! From that moment on I only had the feeling that I could lean back and enjoy what was to come. She was healthy and the chance that something would happen was minimal.

  • Most beautiful moment: the first shovels

    The most beautiful moment of the second trimester was the moment when I felt the kick of our girl for the first time. This was only at the end of my 20th week. I remember very well that I was working and suddenly felt small pushes a few times in a row at the bottom left of my stomach. I looked up and laughed out loud.

    It just went automatically. I laughed and put my hand on my stomach. "Are you now kicking me?" I asked my daughter as I rubbed the spot. From that glorious moment I recognized the spades and there was real life in my stomach.

On to the third quarter

Gosh, that was just as nice to relive these moments! Really a tip for everyone: think back again of those beautiful moments that you have experienced during pregnancy. Everything quickly becomes normal and that is a shame! Now that I have once again been able to relive my beautiful moments, I focus on the future again: the third trimester.

I have a tip: Google not too much on 'third trimester' because you will not be happy with that. You would almost want to rewind the time. Personally, I think it's a shame that the third quarter is getting pretty bad on the internet. When I read it that way, I end up in a kind of hell and I get overwhelmed by unpleasant pregnancy ailments such as extreme tiredness, pelvic instability, varicose veins, fluid retention, striae, insomnia, shortness of breath and incontinence.

So of course I do not feel like it anymore in that last trimester, while I look forward to it! Because it is the last trimester !! Only 12 more weeks! The end is near! The descent has really started and I can almost smell the valley to the new life.

So come on with those pregnancy ailments and inconveniences, it is temporary.It is finite. They are the last hills before we reach the finish. There are many highlights of the second quarter that you will always stay with.
Proudly we go under and exhausted after 12 weeks, but satisfied to come out of the fight with the best price you can think of: your baby!

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