Tessa writes: Life in Sweden

Sometimes my husband and I look at each other and we talk about how different we are life in Sweden is relative to our lives in the Netherlands. What would we have done there on this Saturday night? Maybe a drink in the bar that is within walking distance, order pizza and have it delivered or a board game with family. What seemed so normal has now suddenly become luxury. There is no pub within walking distance and family is far away. You will like pregnant woman in Sweden but have a regular appetite for MacDonalds! That is 90 km one way for us!

Why did you move to Sweden?

But what are you doing there? Why have you been moved sometimes do you ask us? Good question, my husband does work on a regular basis but I do not yet. Now that I am pregnant, applying for a job makes little sense because I would soon have gone on maternity leave. Together with the Swedish employment agency, I have therefore decided to invest my time as much as possible in learning the Swedish language. In the morning I go to a class that is offered from the municipality and free of charge and in the afternoon to Swedish lessons recently focused on working life.

A nice combination but it is long study days that I am no longer used to. As long as I persevere, I will go here and for the last lesson you will even get a small fee, all fun.

Thirty weeks pregnant and live in Sweden

In 10 weeks I'm already 40 weeks gestation, time flies and even without work the days go fast! A household, two huskies and school and your week is over. Sometimes I sometimes find it difficult to work in a country where I have not yet built up such a social life and where I also do not speak the language fluently. And that will soon only be different once Elin is born.

You are here for a very long time as a mother and your child may only go to the förskolan (day care) from when he or she is 1 year old. Until that time you are just at home with your child and dad is normally working for a while. What is very common here to go to is a 'parent café'. Parents come here to meet others, to chat about your baby or other things while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. A very nice initiative, because the distances here in Sweden and your long leave can certainly decrease your social contacts.

Living in Sweden: "There is nothing so beautiful as an autumn walk in the beautiful Swedish nature!"

My delivery plan

In terms of pregnancy, everything is really very good and I have little news to report. My belly is now starting to grow nicely. That took a long time to my idea but this is less hard with a first pregnancy I have read. We have received a birth plan from the midwife to fill in. What do you want and do not want if you have to give birth, which delivery position, pain medication or not.

All things that we have thought about and which we have filled in and take to the hospital later in December. For example, I do not want to give birth on my back, but crouching with my husband behind me for support. First of all, it will be a more intimate moment for us together, but also in this way the gravity will work, which will lead to a slightly easier delivery.

Last week a wonderful 11 ​​kilometers walked with the dogs and that's all fine! Hopefully I will keep this for a long time because there is nothing so beautiful than an autumn walk in the beautiful Swedish nature!

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