Development baby 5 weeks old

Your baby is now 5 weeks old and you will notice that you can make more and more contact with your little one. Sleeping still remains the most favorite activity and you will still have to feed your baby at night, but perhaps you will get a real smile back from this week. And such a laugh is really worth everything. In this blog more about the development baby 5 weeks old.

In short, with a baby 5 weeks old:

  • The first real smile of your child.
  • Head up slightly.
  • Hands open.
  • You are seeing real tears.
  • You can have sex again.
  • Are you already talking to your baby?

The development baby 5 weeks old

In the first weeks, the small hands were still closed as knobs, now they open more and more. In addition, your little baby may lift his head if he or she is lying on the stomach. Keep in mind that this is still anything but smooth and the head often wobbles in all directions. That is because the head is a colossal colossus in relation to the small body. It takes your baby a lot of energy to keep that up, but the beginning is there in any case.

  • A radiant first smile

    Your baby might have been smiling before, but these were usually a bit of a puff and a big smile (apart from the fact that it was super cute of course). From the moment your baby is 5 weeks old you can count on a real smile. A real smile is a smile in which the whole face changes, is a true ray of sunshine.

    And the best part is that your baby will laugh when he sees you or your partner. Your baby recognizes you from thousands and can therefore be genuinely happy to see you. Other people are still a bit strange, so they have to wait for a real smile.
    Do you and your partner not see a happy face? Stimulate this with lots of cuddling, making contact with your baby and softly tickling. Do not worry, it may happen that your little one only smiles when he or she is 8 weeks old. But it's coming!

  • That's where the tears come

    Although your baby has had to cry a lot and might seem inconsolable, it is quite possible that you have never seen a tear. That is because the tear ducts of your baby were not fully developed yet. Starting this week, you will also see the tears in addition to a smile.

  • Talk to your baby

    Your baby can already respond to you more and more. It is therefore very good to talk a lot with your baby. From this week or next week your little one can make sounds such as kirren and babbling. Your baby will also try more facial expressions and imitate you.
    Talk to your baby by doing the sounds and pulling a lot of pelvis. Also always tell us what you are doing. All of this helps very much with the language development of your baby.

  • Does your baby often have to spit?

    It is quite normal for a baby to give back some 'mouths' after feeding. That is also the reason why many parents always have a bit of a sour smell around them. Very normal.
    But do you notice that your baby often has to spit and does your baby not drink properly? Does your baby also lose weight? Then your baby may suffer from reflux.

How are mom, dad or parents?

About 6 weeks ago you put this little miracle on the world. If it is good, you will no longer lose blood. And if you no longer have blood loss, you could basically dive with your partner between the sheets. Of course this is entirely up to you.
If you want to postpone a next pregnancy for a while, you can best use a condom or other contraception. Just to be sure. It is sometimes said that you are not fertile if you are breastfeeding, but that does not seem to be entirely true. You have been warned!


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Tip of the week with a baby 5 weeks old

  • Talk to and with your baby a lot, which helps considerably in language development.
  • Always keep an eye on the weight of your baby.

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